Detroit Lions Should Just Leave the NFL Now?or Stay In NFL Still

The One You FearCorrespondent IJanuary 13, 2009

Are you serious??? Detroit Lions had seven consecutive losing seasons!! And just this season they break a new record by going 0-16. They had NO WINS!!!

Doesn't matter how terrible you are? At least get a one win! But no, the Lions had to go the loser way and get zero wins

Who wants to go to a football game when their team doesn't even win one single game. People were selling front-row seats for $5.

In 2007, they had a record of 7-9 but it wasn't enough to make it to the playoffs. I think that was the best season they had in all seven losing seasons.

Here are their past five seasons:

2006: 5-11
2005: 6-10  
2004: 5-11 
2003: 5-11
2002: 3-13
2001  2-14

All the losing seasons the Lions had in the past seven years!!!

Why are they still in NFL after these kind of seasons???

I bet they pay BIG BUCKS just to stay in the NFL. And don't get me started with the other things like players or the stadium.

I'm actually surprised the fans don't try to destroy the stadium. The team really sucks (no offense Lions fans)!!! 

The only way they can get better is if they hire way better front office personnel, obtain better players and hire a competent head coach.

Do you think Detroit should have more season and try to fix their team like Dolphins do or should NFL release them and bring some other NFL team from other state????