Jake Delhomme or John Fox, Who Blew It?

eric goodbarContributor IJanuary 13, 2009

Sadly, it's all too easy to throw all the blame on No. 17. Watching the game, I know I wasn't the only fan who wanted to see Matt Moore, or even McCown by mid-third quarter, while the Panthers were still in the game.

Jake's horrible decision-making to try to find only Steve Smith played right into the wings of the visiting birds, but the bigger question is, why were the plays called? Why did we abandon the run in a tie-game in the first quarter?

Why didn't we try to drag Smith out deep into double coverage to set up something underneath to Moose, or Dante? Why didn't we look to screen passes?

I blame Fox for the entire game. His loyalties to vets, his conservative play calling, his lack of aggression in play selection. Watching the largest margin of defeat by any number two team in a playoff game since 1990 tells me a few things...

1.) As much as I've loved watching the comebacks of No. 17, I'd live longer watching games that we won outright.

2.) Coach Fox has had his chances and failed his fans more so this season than any other.

3.) The secondary isn't only in question, it doesn't have an answer.

4.) The strongest part of our team (besides the running game) is the offensive line.

5.) Its time to get a younger Q.B., and a coach that will go for the kill.


Jake, thank you for the memories, the drama, the wins, the time, the hurt, the tears, the sweat and everything else you've given us, but it's time to go.

It was easier for me to watch the 1-15 season all year, than it was to watch this one defeat this year.

The fox has been out-slyed, and it's time to make the rest of the league "cowher."