WWE News: Update on the WWE's Plans for Wade Barrett

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IMarch 15, 2012

Photo: ring-rap.com
Photo: ring-rap.com

Over the last few months, injuries have plagued the WWE's top stars, including Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio, Christian and so many others.

Among those top stars who suffered a serious injury is Wade Barrett, who dislocated his elbow on the February 20 edition of RAW.

Barrett had to undergo major surgery. As a result, he will be sidelined for several months

The WWE had major plans for Barrett. However, due to that injury, they had to rethink his situation.

That being said, some new information has come to light concerning Barrett for when he finally returns to the WWE.

According to wrestlinginc.com, WWE officials are hoping for Barrett to return in July in order to be set up for SummerSlam.

It is understood that a Money in the Bank match may be moved to the summer event. What's more, it is being speculated that Barrett may win that match, which would set him up for a major push against WWE champion CM Punk in the fall of 2012.

The WWE has had Barrett on their main-event radar for quite some time now. When he does return from his injury, hopefully he can stay healthy so he can pick up where he left off.

In 2011, Barrett had a great year. He was involved in some major programs with Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton. It's possible that 2012 could be Barrett's breakout year.

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