Glorious Day for the Colorado Avalanche and the Washington Capitals

Abby PondAnalyst IFebruary 26, 2008

It doesn't get much better than this for me.

Between the NHL trade deadline and the federal budget coming down, I'm like a kid in a candy store. 

As we settle into the aftermath stage, the complete fallout is certain. It's clear, however, which teams are serious about the rest of this season.  

The Colorado Avalanche are setting the pace.  Signing Forsberg was only the first step and today, they have added Adam Foote and Rusan Salei. Four points out of a playoff spot in the tight Western Conference race, Giguere has made moves to boost his team in the standings.  

Vancouver has been quiet. They lost out on Forsberg, can't get Sundin and both Federov and Richards went elsewhere. Will they get in on the Hossa show? We'll find out in an hour.

Meanwhile, back in the East, the same mentality has gripped the Washington Capitals. Five points out of eighth place, the Caps are making a run for it.  And boy, are they going all out. They've given the wily Blue Jackets their first round pick this year or next. 

So far today, they've added solid goaltending (with the surprising trade for Cristobal Huet) and unquestionable experience and leadership in Sergei Federov. You can question his age, but you can't dispute that he knows how to win a Stanley Cup.   

The end of the season is shaping up to be crazy, both in the West and East. Brad Richards will add some firepower to the Stars lineup, and the Sharks picked up some defense in Campbell. 

Pittsburgh threw their hat into the ring, making no bones about the fact they want Lord Stanley in Pennsylvania. Not that Hal Gill is a deadline shocker, but Marian Hossa definitely was. What remains to be seen is how the Pens will be able to pay everyone come July. 

Now all we need is an election call, and I'll be ecstatic.