WWE: 2009 Roster Breakdown

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IJanuary 13, 2009

When it comes to World Wrestling Entertainment, 2009 can be a big year for some and a bad year for other superstars from RAW, SmackDown and ECW.

The WWE hasn’t had a great year because of storylines that have been put out, so I will break down every superstar from RAW, SmackDown and the ECW for the upcoming year.


John Cena

He is the World Heavyweight Champion at the moment, and with WrestleMania coming up, he will have to face an opponent that he most likely wrestled before, unless a SmackDown superstar wins or ECW wins and comes to RAW. Cena will be in the title hunt for most likely the whole year, and I would not be surprised to see a heel turn.

William Regal

Regal is not getting the push he wants with the IC Title and Punk will most likely beat him for that title. For Regal, he will most likely get drafted to SmackDown and he could possibly get a good push as the U.S. Champion.

Beth Phoenix

She has been the most dominant WWE Diva since Trish Stratus and Lita, but is this just a rip off of Chyna? I feel that she gets her time and does well with Santino, but she has to go to SmackDown. That would be a good place for her and Santino might even go with her. She will be in the women’s title hunt all year.


When he comes back from his hamstring injury, I think he needs to change up his act. I don’t mean turn heel, but shake things up a bit. He will come back with Randy Orton “taking him out” storyline and will finish that, but he needs to change something or he might get drafter back to SmackDown. This year, he will win a title.


She will get the title back sometime in the year, but she will have a quiet year. A couple of title runs and fighting with Beth and she might get drafter back to SmackDown.

Charlie Haas

I think the impersonations are great and I think he should keep going with that gimmick. He might get a push in ECW or SmackDown with a push after the draft.

Chris Jericho

He will be in the title hunt all year. He can be on his way to a Hall of Fame year as well.

CM Punk

He will be an IC Champ and will get a big push. With a WWE Title, he could get to SmackDown and have good matches with Edge. He will be in the limelight all year.

Cody Rhodes

I think the “legacy” is a great push for Rhodes and he should be in the IC title hunt. He should see world championship gold in 2010.

Dolph Zigler

I think Zigler will not have a push at all. He won’t beat anyone and will get drafted to ECW if he lasts that long.


He has had his funny moments and will do mediocre, but he will just be the comedian of the show. He will not be in a title hunt.

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan

I love when he comes out. He is a great person and I hope and pray he gets to end his career with a title, perhaps as a Tag Team Champion.

Hardcore Holly

I haven’t seen him since last year. We might see him getting involved with Rhodes down the line, but he has had his last title last year. Maybe they should bring back the hardcore title and let him bring it to the land of extreme.

Jamie Noble

I haven’t seen him with a decent storyline, so he will have his spots. I think he can finish with William Regal—maybe get him in the ring a little more.


He will have his show stopped my Shawn soon. I think he will have his title shots but he will never get over that hump again. I think a baby face turn would be interesting but it will never happen.


Her voice tells it all.


I am high on him and Shad being the Tag Team Champions. If Priceless or Legacy gets the title back, that would give some spark to the WWE Raw Tag Team division.


I can see the IC Title on his shoulders some time this year, but maybe that mask is the spark. He needs to be the Kan we want to see—maybe go to SmackDown and team with The Big Show again. I see Kane having a good year and maybe shock the world with a world title.

Kelly Kelly

Her skills are improving, but not enough for a woman’s title. Maybe going to SmackDown will give her a good push and get her the WWE Diva’s Title.

Kofi Kingston

He has all the tools to be a champion, but his microphone skills will eventually stop his chances. I think Kingston is a great athlete and a U.S. Title run is good for him to get him to work on his skills. He can go for a world title in 2010.


Being Regal’s lackey or woman will not last long. She will most likely go back to ECW or SmackDown. No title runs in her near future considering her skills need to get better.


He has the tools to be a good champion—maybe teaming with Umaga is just the thing he needs. Getting the Samoans together should lead to a Tag Title in the future.


She will be women’s champion again, but the title run will be bland. Maybe going with Miz and Morrison could be interesting.

Mickie James

It’s time for a change and that change can and might just come on SmackDown. She can be the longest running WWE Diva’s champion in history.

Mike Knox

Getting a good push right now with Rey, he is built to get an IC or U.S. title. He will be one of the dark horses that I see on the rosters.

Randy Orton

His legacy and his title runs will grow, but I think by the start of 2010 he could have built one of the best factions in WWE history. I see him and the people on his side with gold.

Ray Mysterio

His career is slowly coming to a quiet ending, but he’s got a few good years left. An IC Title isn’t out of the question. A world title? Perhaps—but it would be on SmackDown.

Santino Marella

He is a RAW comedian and will get a slight push, but not much. I think you will see more laughs than title runs in his distant future.


Like I said with JTG, I am high on their team winning Tag Team Gold.

Shawn Michaels

I think he can be world champion again. That’s what I want to see. HBK has given so much and I think JBL/HBK will end by WrestleMania. I think it would be a shocker for Shawn Michaels to get the last pick for SmackDown. He could wear WWE Title gold and reunite with Triple H.

Sim Sunka

I think that him and Manu will join Legacy at some point in time and will make a lot of father’s mad. I see a big match—the biggest father/son tag match in history.

Ted DiBiase

He will most likely grow out of legacy. It will be like evolution. He should be proud of his son Ted. I see a world title around his waist this year, but he needs a push.

RAW Dark Horse

Manu—He can be a title contender and grow from that. I see a world title in his future.

RAW Shocker

Punk turns heel.

RAW Summary

RAW will have to do a lot if they want to be the No. 1 show. A lot of changes will have to be made and we need to see the unexpected.


Matt Hardy

He could be the longest running ECW champion, but that could end before ECW ends. Hardy will be a world champion or WWE champion at the end of the year in 2010.


He has become a lot better with his skills and is no longer a reality show guy. He has built himself into the elite. He will old title gold by the end of his career and is another of my dark horses.

John Morrison

You could say money in the bank, but I don’t see that happening. He will break up with Miz and they will have a rivalry that won’t last long. Morrison will be average at best.

Alicia Fox

Enough said.


He has this look that makes him seem extreme, but that needs to come out if he ever wants to hold gold.

Chavo Gurrero

I think a baby face turn will be good for him. Get him that push and you will see good things out of him. Sadly, that’s not up to me.

DJ Gabriel

Not getting a push. He isn’t going anywhere.

Evan Bourne

He has great potential. He needs to go to RAW and fight Knox and The Big Man. He has a great future.


Mark my words; he has to become an ECW World Champion. He deserves it.

Gavin Spears

Jobber at best.


He will ride the coat tails of Finlay and help him along the way.

Jack Swagger

He will be a champion and will have a good career. He has the potential to be great. He will have a breakout year.

Katie Lee Burchill

She had a good run, but won’t last much longer.

Mark Henry

He has not been talked about lately. He might be ending his career. He has done a great job. He should go to RAW and be an IC Champion.

Paul Burchill

This gimmick was getting good until they stopped his push. I’m disappointed that he didn’t get to grow.

Ricky Ortiz

Ortiz is as useful as his towels.


Hot, but that’s all. I think we want to see what she has when it comes to wrestling.

Tommy Dreamer

I hope the show finally ends with Dreamer as champion. I think it would be a good way to go out.

ECW Dark Horse

Jack Swagger—He has been great so far. He knows how to produce heat from the fans. He should get drafted to RAW or SmackDown. I’m very high on Swagger.

ECW Shocker

They finally end ECW. Well, that’s not that much of a shocker, but I think it needs to happen. It’s just not good. Bury ECW once and for all.

ECW Summary

It needs a huge change or it will go down the sewer if it hasn’t already.


Jeff Hardy

He has been a good champion so far and I want it to go far I think he will be champion again all year.

Shelton Benjamin

I think he has potential to become champion. He can become an icon in the WWE. I can guarantee that.


She will not be champion for long.


He will not be a champion for long as well. His brother will shine above him.


He has potential.

The Big Show

His contract ends in February. He will be a champion, but when is the question.

The Bella Twins

They are a good tag team, but it will not last long.

Curt Hawkins

I think he will be released some time this year.

DH Smith

Two words—RAW Legacy


He has to be the best champion in the WWE today and will be in the title hunt for years to come. He’s an icon for the WWE.


She needs to start wrestling now or her career will end before it ever started.

Ezekiel Jackson

He will grow into his own by 2010 and be one of the big men in the WWE.


He is funny with the bell ring gimmick, but won’t last much longer—put some gold around his waist.

Hurricane Helms

I liked his gimmick before they changed it back. He’s just another superstar now. He needs a push and fast!


He is not a good wrestler. He is only average. I’m giving him a year.

Jimmy Wang Yang

His potential is as good as his skills—enough said.

Kung Fu Naki

He is not good since they had that light division.


Her future holds a Diva’s Championship.

Michelle McCool

She is a good—send her to RAW to face Beth. She can be a good champion.


He will have a World Title match in his future. He will also win before WrestleMania 25.

Mr. Kennedy

He is world championship material. He needs to shine now before it is too late.


She will go to RAW. If not, she will be up for the women’s title.


He has good potential to be a U.S. title champion.

Ryan Braddock and Scotty Goldman

They will improve, but need to go to ECW to do so.

The Brain Kenderick

Bring back Paul London and let them go at it—see who will shine more. Kenderick will have an average year.

Great Khali

I like the baby face turn. Use him a little more, have him with Kane and the Undertaker. It would be interesting.

Triple H

He will eventually be a 16th-time champion. He will win the title a couple times. He is a sure hall of fame lock and will have a fantastic 2009.


He and Khali should go at it to see who is the worst wrestler. Send him to ECW to let him do what he wants.

The Undertaker

The one and only will be a champion again. His career is coming to an end, sadly. He needs to do something he never has done before in 2009.


Her best days are behind her, but a championship is not out of the question.

Vladmir Kozlov

ECW anyone? Vince McMahon is big on him and wants him to get a push. Expect a world title soon.

Zack Ryder

I don’t know what to say, but he has run his gimmick out.

SmackDown Dark Horse

MVP-Mr. Kennedy—They should be in the World Title picture. One of them will wear gold.

SmackDown Shocker

HBK comes to SmackDown

Smackdown Summary

They are the best, but I feel like all this talent is wasted. RAW will most likely get the best show title eventually.

Expect the unexpected in 2009 from the WWE! From shockers to returns to comebacks, it will be a fun year!


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