Rich Rodriguez's Recruiting for Michigan Lacks Buzz, Talent, Numbers

joel bradleyContributor IJanuary 13, 2009

Okay, I have been waiting for Rich Rodriguez to make a splash in recruiting for two years.

All he has produced is Michael Shaw, who will be a solid contributor next season, and Tate Forcier, who is a virtual lock as the starting signal-caller.

When Michigan Athletic Director Bill Martin hired Rich Rodriguez, I was very excited. I have loved watching his teams at West Virginia play.

But it feels like the recruiting disasters will not end. Losing Shavodrick Beaver to Tulsa, of all places, has been one of the biggest recruiting blows Michigan has ever taken.

Unless Rodriguez can find an unknown to throw the ball 15 yards accurately, I would have to say that the future of Michigan football is at point where they could become a Big Ten cellar team going into the 2010 home opener.

Lloyd Carr took care of business, year-in and year-out. He never tried to be above Michigan football—he simply was an advocate for the university and the Big Ten.

He never missed a bowl game, never had a starting QB not take a snap in the NFL, and never finished outside the top 15 in recruiting.

Rodriguez had his chance at Terelle Pryor, and blew it. He had his chances with Shavodrick Beaver and Kevin Newsome, and blew those, too.

I am scared to see the team that lines up in the fall. If the freshman quarterback gets injured, Michigan will suffer mightily. Rodriguez needs to get himself some leaders—some men. He needs to find a way to elevate his players like Lloyd empowered Mike Hart.

The outlook isn't good for Michigan. They really need to clean the proverbial slate of QBs, with the exception of Feagin. There are still a couple of options out there and Rodriguez needs to make a push to get another solid option for behind center.

Sheridan doesn't even belong in the crowd, and Threet is a smart kid who hasnt been given the sort of talent necessary to produce more than four fluke first downs a game.

When Michigan let Carr go ,they turned away a colossal quarterback in Ryan Mallett.  With arm strength never seen before, and recievers to complement him, Mallet could have helped the Wolverines be great.

Sam McGuffie would have been as good as Jacob Hester was his junior year at LSU. to Carlos Brown may not even get used at all as a feature back under the new regime.

Did Carr get fired too quickly?

I mean how bad was Lloyd, really?

He lost 25 percent of his games, which is more than we've come to expectfrom a Michigan team, but how many programs can actually do that over a 13 year period? Not many.

Rich Rod has some work to do, and he better do it fast.