Chelsea FC: Why a Mourinho Return Makes No Sense at All

Allan JiangTransfers CorrespondentMarch 15, 2012

Chelsea FC: Why a Mourinho Return Makes No Sense at All

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    José Mourinho coming back home to Chelsea? That's as likely as Arsenal signing Mario Götze in the summer. 

    If you've followed Mourinho's career and the way he goes about doing his business, returning back to Chelsea would be out of character. 


    Here are five reasons why a Mourinho return to Chelsea makes no sense at all.  

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5. Comparing Manuel Vilarinho to Roman Abramovich

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    Before titling himself as the Special One, José Mourinho was just a 37-year-old rookie manager for Benfica. 

    Manuel Vilarinho attempted to oust Mourinho for club legend Toni.  

    After a 3-0 win over Sporting Lisbon, Mourinho tested Vilarinho's fairness by asking for a contract extension. 

    Mourinho's request was not met and he bravely walked out of Benfica. 

    Two years later, Vilarinho did a 180 after Mourinho worked miracles at União de Leiria:

    I had Benfica and Porto fighting for me. The president that doesn't want to give me the long term contract was fighting for me—the same guy.  

    Mourinho chose Porto over Benfica. 

    Roman Abramovich is the same guy that pushed Mourinho out of the club. 

    Here is a mea culpa from Vilarinho: 

    If it was today Mourinho would not leave Benfica. Only later I realised that one's personality and pride cannot be put before the interest of the institution we serve. I tried to solve my mistake and make him come back later. I couldn't do it and I drew my own conclusions: everything happened because, as I see it, José Mourinho never trusted me much. And that led him to a self-protection attitude that made the deal impossible. 

    Replace Vilarinho's name with Abramovich and Benfica with Chelsea.

    Now you see why Mourinho will never return to Chelsea under the Russian's reign. 

4. A Return Back to Pragmatic and Defensive Football

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    Roman Abramovich wants his Chelsea to be an English version of Barcelona. José Mourinho values results over style. 

    At Real Madrid, Mourinho is forced into fielding attacking lineups in respect to the history of the club. It's not Real to play defensive football as Fabio Capello found out. 

    If Mourinho returns to the Premier League, expect disciplined, defensive and pragmatic football. 

    The fact that he provided more entertainment during the press conference than Chelsea winning football games proves he could care less about style. 

3. Financial Fair Play Rules

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    This Chelsea squad is not good enough to win the Premier League let alone the UEFA Champions League. 

    Typically when José Mourinho arrives at a new club, he clears house and he cannot do it this time with Chelsea without incurring the consequences of the Financial Fair Play Rules. 

2. Manchester City Will Be José Mourinho's Next Club

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    Manchester City should still be in the UEFA Champions League and they should be running away with the Premier League. 

    Roberto Mancini may as well start looking for a new job if Manchester City ends up trophy-less. 

    José Mourinho would only need to bring one or two new players to a squad that is already deep enough to win the Champions League. 

    Mourinho could be Sir Alex Ferguson's successor but I believe Mancini will be out before the Scot retires. 

1. Making History with Real Madrid

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    If Barcelona wins the UEFA Champions League, it cancels out José Mourinho winning La Liga.

    Remember Mourinho also wants to be the first manager in history to win three Champions League titles with three separate clubs. 

    Achieving that against Lionel Messi's teammates will ensure that Mourinho has a valid argument to being the greatest manager ever. 


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