Parity Is the True NFL Champion

Brad JamesCorrespondent IJanuary 13, 2009

This image, while awe-inspiring to we Broncos fans, could be equally detrimental to Patriots fans.

As both Josh McDaniels and Scott Pioli—who will be joining the Kansas City Chiefs, as reported by Baltimore's 105.7 The Fan—depart from New England, we can see that the Patriots may be reaching the end of an era.

Of course, in a vein of thought that not many New England fans want to address, it can reasonably be said that the Patriots' dynasty has been diminishing since 2004.

Since the Patriots celebrated after Super Bowl 39 via their conquest of Philadelphia, the NFL has seen three different champions, and the trend seems to be continuing.

In all honesty, no one thought we would have the Ravens, Steelers, Eagles, and most surprisingly, the Cardinals, as our final four.

With that said, there's no reason to believe that this trend won't continue.

Teams such as the Broncos, who are on the rise, have a bright future, especially if in the Broncos' case, McDaniels brings in Mike Nolan or Dom Capers as defensive coordinator and allows them to use their vast football acumen to bring some decency to a unit that surrendered 28 points a game in 2008.

Meanwhile, everyone in the AFC should be frightened of Baltimore, because Flacco is only going to improve, and the defense shouldn't be any weaker next season.

Other teams with bright futures include the Dolphins, Falcons, and perhaps even the Seahawks if Matt Hasselbeck returns to his previous form.

As for parity, the Cardinals' appearance in the NFC Championship Game proves that this phenomenon is alive and well, and we may have seen the NFL's last great run with the Patriots.

To me, this is no cause for concern, as parity brings in new fans and promises instant excitement.

It's a good thing that the NFL embraces parity because Commissioner Roger Goodell realizes its vast importance.

Meanwhile, college football seeks to nullify it by disallowing teams who don't have rich traditions to compete for its "national championship."

Perhaps the Patriots may surprise me, but their bright offensive mind is now in orange and blue, and Belichick will have to recruit a comparable assistant.

If the hunches of Broncos fans are correct, this will be easier said than done, as we all trust that McDaniels is a great catch.