The Mercury Mets Of A-Ball

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The Mercury Mets Of A-Ball
I'm letting Cyclones Fan have the lead post this morning (see his rant above) but I need to get Baracklyn out of my system.

Baracklyn?  This is the Mercury Mets of A ball.

The Wilpons will get it wrong every time.

Bobblehead day?  Fine.  We all like a giveaway.

Having fun with a pun?  Ok fine.

Baracklyn Uniforms?   Awful.

Here's some info from the official website:

So, like Obama's campaign itself, the Baracklyn Cyclones took shape -- slowly at first, gaining a groundswell of support along the way, and picking up steam at every turn.  Now, here we are a few months later, about to announce a landmark event in the Cyclones history. 

A groundswell of support?  With who?

First up, we needed to introduce the idea to our ownership group.....We were armed with bulleted ideas for the night's entertainment, sketches and mock-ups of jerseys and bobbleheads, and the passion that comes with a belief in a great idea.  But lo and behold...everyone loved it!  We had cleared our biggest hurdle (or so we thought at the time) without so much as breaking a sweat.  I have to admit, it was a bit anti-clamactic.

Summary:  The Wilpons love it.

All that stood in our way now was the legalities having to do with changing a team name -- and, in particular, the name of the place that houses that team -- and whether or not we could legally use Barack's name and image in conjunction with our promotion.  Thankfully, after much diligent research on the parts of Minor League Baseball and our own legal team, it was determined that we could, in fact, "change" our name for a day, and that because of his status as an elected public official, Obama was fair game.

Well then, why not go whole hog?  Why not have the team play a day as the Brooklary Clintons?   Maybe honor Brooke Shields?

Are we missing anything in our tribute to Barack Obama as the next leader of the free world?  Is there anything you'd like to see us doing differently, or better?

Please send any suggestions to

Yes please do

We can't guarantee that we'll use them, but we'd love to hear what you think will make the Baracklyn Cyclones night on June 23rd even better!

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