Bob Arum Angry at 70/30 Split Talk, and Manny Pacquiao Knew Nothing of Talks

Nedu ObiAnalyst IIMarch 14, 2012


According to the Manila Standard, Bob Arum is none too pleased with talks surrounding the 70/30 split concerning Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather. Furthermore, Pacquiao himself had no knowledge that the aforementioned talks had transpired, something the Manila Standard reported he told ABS-CBN.

“People who talk about possible revenue splits for a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight besides having no authority to do so are all amateurs,” Arum told the Manila Standard.

Initially it was reported by ESPN that Pacquiao and his team, headed by his advisor Rex Salud, had upped the ante and offered Mayweather a 70/30 split of the pay-per-view rights, with the winner receiving the larger portion of the proceeds.

If that’s the case and “Pac-Man” was not privy to what now seems to be cloak and dagger ruse to get the public overly interested and chomping at the bit in anticipation of the so-called “Fight of the Century,” then who is the public supposed to believe?

In addition, if Arum, Top Rank CEO, who normally oversees all negotiations regarding the Filipino congressman, is sounding off about certain individuals making statements about this latest potential revenue split, does that mean those talks never happened?

Whatever the case maybe, the public and the boxing fans are the ones being left in the dark, and as a consequence will just have to wait for the next (will they or won’t they fight) Mayweather/Pacquiao headline news (true or false), which has thus far been the mainstay in this ongoing saga.


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