Stone Cold Crazy! WWE RAW Rewind

Ron JohnsonSenior Writer IJanuary 13, 2009

Last night's RAW proved to be just as "stunning" as the first of 2009. All it took was two major announcements to get the crowd in Sioux City overwhelmed with excitement. So with that, here's the recap of last night's shocking, plot twists-filled RAW.

The show opens with JBL continuing his insults and berating of Shawn Michaels. He then tells Michaels that since he won't be in The Royal Rumble, and he won't be in the main event at Wrestlemania, to consider tonight’s main event match against John Cena “his” Wrestlemania before exiting the limo.

The show goes live with the arrival of Stephanie McMahon, who is heading to the ring. As she talks about her father’s return, she is interrupted by Chris Jericho. Jericho still believes that he will be the man that faces John Cena at The Royal Rumble, not JBL.

As for the main event for the Rumble, John Cena and JBL will sign the contract for their match at the Rumble.

As Stephanie tells him about his match for the evening, Jericho says that he refuses to compete unless for it’s for the World Title. Stephanie then goes on to strip Jericho of the right to talk to her father, compete in the Rumble or compete for the World Title. The reason: She fires Jericho on the spot!!!

RAW comes back on the air with members of security escorting Jericho out of the arena.

First Bout: Rey Mysterio defeats The Miz

Mysterio hit’s the 619 and The West Coast Splash to get the win. But after the bell, he gets jumped by Mike Knox once again. But Mysterio manages to hit the hurracanrana to send Knox packing.

In the back, CM Punk is heading to the ring for his IC Championship Rematch.

Second Bout: William Regal defeats CM Punk via DQ (Intercontinental Championship)

Both men pick up where they left off last week with Punk showing some serious intensity. But the tide changes as Regal pulls a Guerrero. As Regal goes towards Punk in the corner, Punk punches him in the gut. Unfortunately for Punk, the referee thinks it's a low blow and disqualifies the Straight Edge Superstar.

Thanks to a blind referee, William Regal survives his second challenge against Punk. Regal says that he’s glad this challenge is over and he remains the Intercontinental Champion.

Unfortunately, Stephanie McMahon has made it clear that Regal will face Punk one more time next week, and this time, it will be No Disqualifications!

In the back, Manu and Sim confront Cody Rhodes about his actions last week. The two then warn him that they will be coming for Orton tonight, and they’ve brought backup with them as well.

Also next week, Rey Mysterio will get his shot at Mike Knox!

While JBL tries to motivate HBK, it’s all about one thing tonight: The first man to be inducted into the 2009 WWE Hall of Fame will be none other than…STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN!!

Third Bout: Randy Orton w/Cody Rhodes defeats Kane

Even after getting chokeslammed straight to hell and getting the RKO blocked by The Big Red Monster, Orton counters a flying clothesline with a dropkick, and the ref makes the three count. But it appears that Kane’s shoulder came up before the count of three.

In the ring, Orton is approached by Manu and Sim Snuka. The two men start heading to the ring, but before they do, they show their surprise: The returning Ted DiBiase!

As all three men enter the ring, Cody Rhodes comes in joins the ambush. But Rhodes and DiBiase jump Snuka and Manu instead. Following the assault, the three men leave the ring and survey the broken bodies of Manu and Snuka.

It appears that The Legacy is in full swing, and they are back to three members: Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase.

In the back, John Cena is all smiles at the moment as he talks about The Royal Rumble. But his smile quickly disappears as he starts to talk about JBL, Shawn Michaels and the two main events he’s got coming up. He said that if this is Shawn's Wrestlemania, then so be it.

Fourth Bout: Beth Phoenix & Jillian Hall vs. Melina & Kelly Kelly

This match never even got off the ground as Melina was unable to compete in this Diva Tag Team Match. Before the match begins, Rosa Mendez pops out of the paparazzi crowd and attacks Melina. Then Phoenix and Hall attack them from behind before the match even hits the ring.

In the back, Orton is congratulating Rhodes and DiBiase for their part in the assault. Also, several guys are in the back trying to get into the Rumble, but Santino may have snagged the last spot for RAW.

And finally, Shawn Michaels is heading to the ring for his Wrestlemania…

Main Event: Shawn Michaels w/JBL defeats John Cena

Cena tries to keep this a friendly fight between old competitors as he extends his hand and wishes his opponent best of luck in the match. The two men battle back and forth, and HBK takes control with The Heartbreaker on Cena. Cena tries to bounce back, but Michaels counters a leg drop into a cross face.

The two men continue to put on a Wrestlemania style match as they go back and forth during the bout. After Michaels misses the elbow drop, Cena hits the leg drop followed by the 5-Knuckle Shuffle.

As he goes for the FU though, HBK counters it into a DDT, but Cena kicks out. Michaels then nails the elbow drop and starts to tune up the band. Cena ducks the Sweet Chin Music and hits the FU, but Michaels manages to kick out.

As Cena picks him up, HBK lands Sweet Chin Music, but shockingly, Cena kicks out! JBL can’t believe it either! Cena counters a roll up and applies the STFU! Despite JBL trying to will him on and tell him not to tap out, Michaels wills himself to the ropes. Following a brief distraction, Michaels hits another Sweet Chin Music to pick up the win in his Wrestlemania. Michaels earned his spot tonight.

As Michaels walks to the back, JBL comes into the ring and stands over a prone John Cena. Is this a prelude of things to come for the WWE Flagship? Or will Cena prevail and defy the odds once again?