A Sneak Peek at The Bleacher F1 Hall Of Fame Ballot

PaulSenior Writer IJanuary 13, 2009

A lot has been said about the Hall and the first two veteran inductees bios are about to be released. What comes next is voting for stars of the modern era. The following is a sneak peek of the first nominations, all are worthy , who will be your pick? Who can vote, any member of the B/R community. To be nominated a driver must first be officially retired. Along with the drivers, teams and cars of the modern era, there is the veterans, this is the stars, cars and tracks pre-1950. Inductees from this era do not go through the voting process, they are simply inducted as veteran inductees. So racing fans of B/R here is a sneak peek at the first ballot.



Juan Manuel Fangio 1951-54-55-56-57


Birth24 June 1911 1995-07-17

First Race 1950-05-13 Silverstone Last Race 1958-07-06 Rheims

Races Run 57 Victories 24 Podium 35 Pole Position 28 Fastest Lap 23 Finish in points 43

Points 277.14 Seasons 8 Tracks 13 Teams 5


Alberto Ascari 1952-53


Birth13 July 1918 1955-05-26

FirstRace1950-05-21 Monte Carlo Last Race1955-05-22 Monte Carlo

Races Run34 Victories13 Podium16 Pole Position14 Fastest Lap13 Finish in points22

Points137.64 Seasons6 Tracks12 Teams3


Jack Brabham 1959-60-66


Birth2 April 1926

FirstRace1955-07-16 Aintree Last Race1970-10-25 Mexico City

Races Run129 Victories14 Podium31 Pole Position13 Fastest Lap11 Finish in points53 Points261.00 Seasons16 Tracks31 Teams5


Graham Hill 1962-68


Birth15 February 1929 1975-11-29

FirstRace1958-05-18 Monte Carlo Last Race1975-05-11 Monte Carlo

Races Run179 Victories14 Podium36 Pole Position12 Fastest Lap10 Finish in points59 Points289.00 Seasons18 Tracks35 Teams7



Nelson Piquet 1981-83-87


Birth17 August

1952 FirstRace1978-07-30 Hockenheim Last Race1991-11-03 Adelaide

Races Run207 Victories23 Podium60 Pole Position24 Fastest Lap22 Finish in points100 Points485.50 Seasons14 Tracks33 Teams6



Jim Clark 1963-65


Birth4 March 1935

1968-04-07 FirstRace1960-06-06 Zandvoort Last Race1968-01-01 Kyalami

Races Run74 Victories25 Podium32 Pole Position32 Fastest Lap28 Finish in points40 Points274.00 Seasons9 Tracks20 Teams1



Jackie Stewart 1969-71-73


Birth11 June 1939

FirstRace1965-01-01 East London Last Race1973-10-07 Watkins Glen

Races Run100 Victories27 Podium43 Pole Position16 Fastest Lap15 Finish in points57 Points360.00 Seasons9 Tracks25 Teams4


Emerson Fittipaldi 1972-74


Birth12 December 1946

FirstRace1970-07-18 Brands Hatch Last Race1980-10-05 Watkins Glen

Races Run149 Victories14 Podium35 Pole Position6 Fastest Lap5 Finish in points57 Points281.00 Seasons11 Tracks27 Teams3


Niki Lauda 1975-77-84


Town Birth22 February 1949

FirstRace1971-08-15 Osterreichring Last Race1985-11-03 Adelaide

Races Run177 Victories25 Podium54 Pole Position24 Fastest Lap24 Finish in points73 Points420.50 Seasons13 Tracks32 Teams5


Alain Prost 1985-86-89-93


Birth25 February 1955

FirstRace1980-01-13 Buenos Aires Last Race1993-11-07 Adelaide

Races Run202 Victories51 Podium106 Pole Position33 Fastest Lap41 Finish in points128 Points798.50 Seasons13 Tracks34 Teams4


Ayrton Senna 1988-90-91


Birth21 March 1960

1994-05-01 FirstRace1984-03-25 Rio de Janeiro Last Race1994-05-01 Imola Races

Run162 Victories41 Podium80 Pole Position65 Fastest Lap19 Finish in points96

Points614.00 Seasons11 Tracks30 Teams4


Michael Schumacher 1994-95-00-01-02-03-04


Birth3 January 1969

FirstRace1991-08-25 Spa-Francorchamps Last Race2006-10-22 Interlagos

Races Run 250 Victories91 Podium154 Pole Position68 Fastest Lap76 Finish in points190 Points1369.00 Seasons16 Tracks28 Teams3


Mika Hakkinen 1998-99


Birth28 September 1968

FirstRace1991-03-10 Phoenix Last Race2001-10-14 Suzuka

Races Run165 Victories20 Podium51 Pole Position26 Fastest Lap25 Finish in points83 Points420.00 Seasons11 Tracks26 Teams2


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