Chicago Bears Declare Marshall Law: Jay Cutler Now Has No Excuses

Derek CrouseContributor IIIMarch 14, 2012

Jay Cutler has his favorite target once again.
Jay Cutler has his favorite target once again.Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Say it out loud, “Brandon Marshall is a Chicago Bear.”

Even though the NFL season is months away, the season never actually sleeps. When the free-agency period started Tuesday afternoon, many fans were clamoring for the Chicago Bears to pick up standout defensive end Mario Williams or wide receiver Vincent Jackson from the Chargers. To the surprise of many, the Bears made a trade with the Miami Dolphins for Brandon Marshall.

Honestly, picking up Marshall for two third-round draft picks is a great move. These are the same draft picks that were given to the Bears for Greg Olsen last season. Hindsight is 20/20, but now, the cards have fell right into Jay Cutler’s hand. Cutler was a little bitter about losing Olsen, but it was a blessing in disguise. One of the reasons Cutler became a star in the NFL was Brandon Marshall.

Cutler’s style fits right into what his new receiver does. Unlike small and fast flankers like Johnny Knox or Devin Hester, Marshall is tall, physical and can get separation at the line of scrimmage. You can watch countless plays where Cutler just threw up a jump ball in the thin air of Denver, and Marshall would swallow it. For three consecutive seasons, Marshall had over 100 receptions and was a monster for yards after the catch (YAC). Jay has tried the same philosophy in Chicago, but it has backfired and interceptions have been the story.

Roy Williams was supposed to be the solution to the Bears' problems, however, he was one of the biggest disappointments on the team.

Will Lovie let Jay Cutler loose now that they have a No. 1?
Will Lovie let Jay Cutler loose now that they have a No. 1?Scott Boehm/Getty Images

Out of all the options the Bears had to pick from in free agency, Marshall might have been the best choice overall. It was under the radar, but the rumors of Cutler and Marshall uniting again was always an underlying story for the local water cooler. Many Chicago radio shows have talked about the possible “what ifs” of the deal in years past not really knowing it would pan out the same day as the start of free agency.

While Bears’ fans will be on cloud nine until the start of the season, we have to remember the person that is Brandon Marshall. He’s had a past of baggage off the field. It was one of the reasons he was sent to the Dolphins in 2010. From domestic disputes with his spouse to being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, the coaching staff will have to keep an eye on him.

The best thing he ever did was admit he had problems and stood tall against the naysayers.

The best thing he has is the players’ coach in Lovie Smith and a familiarity with Jeremy Bates who helped coach him and Cutler in Denver. He won’t have to worry about having support from his teammates because the Bears have never had a receiver of his caliber. If he provides the team with production, the fans will back him no matter what he does off the field.

The Bears now have the best quarterback and receiver ever in the long history of the franchise.

Winning is the best medicine for anything in sports, and that's the only medicine fans will care about when it comes to Marshall.