The New York City Blackout!

Jason BurkeCorrespondent IJanuary 13, 2009

I remember exactly where I was when the great  blackout hit New York City in the summer of 2003.   I was working in one of those laughable supermarket banks when the lights shut down and a whir followed that I assumed was all the energy being sucked out.  There was goodness to be found in the actions of the people there as we bonded together and gathered as much information to get us through. 


Once again we find ourselves mired in the dark, unsure how long we can brave the elements during these turbulent times.  New York City is pitch black again but for a very different reason than that hot August day in 2003.


The Eagles had decimated the Giants in East Rutherford.


It was apparent the City has a few dark months ahead.  A murky path is waiting as our economy is crippled, the snow and cold have found a home, and the average New York City sports fan will have to wait until spring to thaw and have something to truly root for.


The Giants' debacle was an exclamation point on a year which had great hopes when these same Giants defied all odds and beat the undefeated Patriots.  However, in a trend that seems to be occurring more, another Philadelphia team has pulled the rug out from under them.


To recap, The Jets and Mets continued to treat fans to the splendors of epic collapses after importing franchise players like Brett Favre and Johan Santana.  The Mets achieving the feat for the second time in two years.


The Yankees proved that greed corrupts when given life and empires will fall in the process.  Much like American institutions which braved the great depression only to fold in the current economic climate, the Yankees doomed themselves.  In baseball, $200 million can’t buy you the playoffs let alone championships but $40 million invested wisely can almost get you to the top.


The Knicks haven’t given us a good product since Patrick Ewing was traded and the Nets are a shell of the team they were a few short years ago.


So now that the mighty have fallen we are left to our own vices. 


Recently, it has been brought to my attention that the power of positive thinking works wonders.  If that is true then why are the New York sports teams failing us?  New Yorkers are known for having a can do attitude, toughness, and an abundance of self esteem.


Maybe it isn’t that New Yorkers aren’t positive.  Maybe the ultimate sin was expectation.  We think big and expect even bigger and are left with disappointment when we don’t get what is bestowed to us.  For the next few months, however, we can expect more of the same.