Forrest Griffin: "I Am Mark Hamill and [The Ultimate Fighter] Was My Star Wars"

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Forrest Griffin's self deprecating sense of humor is legendary. Thankfully for MMA fans, it'll be on display tonight on FUEL TV in a conversation segment featuring Griffin and one-time rival Stephan Bonnar.

Griffin and Bonnar are famous not only for their epic scrap on The Ultimate Fighter season one finale, but also for their humorous and unique personalities, which will be conducive to a memorable conversation on FUEL's UFC program, UFC Ultimate Insider.

On tonight's episode, the two men will partake in a characteristically comical and off the wall conversation that highlights such topics as their legendary fight, Jon Jones, and actor Mark Hamill.

Concerning the UFC light heavyweight champion, Griffin was optimistic that the pairing of him and Bonnar could beat the champ.

"I think the two of us whoop his ass every time, nine times out of 10 at least," he said.

Griffin's wit is sure to be on display during the full segment on FUEL, as it was during the preview when Mark Hamill—who is most famous for playing Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars films (although some might say he's equally famous for playing the Joker in the Batman animated series)—came up in the conversation.

"I am Mark Hamill, and [The Ultimate Fighter] was my Star Wars," said Griffin.

The talk between the two fighters in one that's sure to live up to it's "off the wall" namesake. Both men have quite the sense of humor and are more silver-tongued than most MMA fighters can dream of being. 

The MMA world is truly fortunate to have such programming as well as such athletes that can step back and laugh at themselves. Be sure to catch the full conversation on UFC Ultimate Insider at 10:30 pm EST on FUEL.

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