The Battle of 2009: Nat'l Champ Florida Gators Stand Off Against...Themselves?

Robb HumphreyCorrespondent IJanuary 13, 2009

You probably think that a Florida State Seminole fan should not have any reason to publish anything about their archrival team, the Florida Gators, because they would not have anything productive to say...

...Well, normally, you'd be right...

However, there's so much time after the National Championship game until next season that this college football fan thinks that there are elements within this Florida Gator team that need to be focused on and eliminated before they can have a successful back-to-back championship.

(...What did the Nole just say about the Gators? Is he going to tell them how to fix their program so they can WIN? WHAT?!!)

NO, my fellow Gator Haters, I am not going to promote the Gators and add to their already "sharp-toothed" ego (yeah, I know it was bad...but it felt good.)

My purpose of doing this is to provide a look into the organization from a non-SEC point of view (and honestly, to show them people ARE watching them). Other than that, I know there may be "some" players and a handful of fans that may actually care about things like camaraderie and teamwork and building a legacy (instead of a rap sheet).

Anyway, here goes...

Of course, if you talk about Florida these days, you HAVE to discuss Timothy Richard Tebow, nicknamed "Tim" and "Superman" (though not sure if "Superman" is meant for his impenetrable ability to avoid injury, his "jump pass" that he has taken as his own, or his humanitarian lifestyle).

Before I continue, however, here is some trivia for you to ponder (no, this article is about the Gators; all Christian Ponder fans need not look here).

1) All-American and American Heisman Winner Tim Tebow was actually born in the Philippines.

2) Tim Tebow actually finished a game on a broken leg in high school.

3) During her pregnancy with Tim, Pam Tebow fell into a coma after contracting amoeba dysentery, and the result led to her placental abruption, a condition in which the placenta detaches from the uterine wall and voids the fetus of oxygen and nutrients.

(Before I continue, please have respect here, people; not only for the intense talking about all this medical jargon concerning Tim's mom, but also for the rude comments you are thinking concerning the lack of air he received prior to birth or the abortion jokes. This is a human being and that would be SO wrong...even if he is a Gator...seriously, though, no bad comments about this or I will report you. But I digress...)

4) He has won the James E. Sullivan Award, which in itself is spectacular because it's award to only one athlete a year in any amateur sport throughout the country. Some well-known recipients in the past two decades are Michael Phelps in 2003, Michelle Kwan and Sarah Hughes in 2001 and 2002, respectively, Peyton Manning in 1997, and Charlie Ward in 1993.

Puts him up there in respect, right? It should. Tim Tebow is an American (hmmm?) hero and household name. All teams that have played him curse him, all the fans boo him, and all coaches fear his shotgun arm and rushing legs. Statistically in high school he had a total of 62 rushing TDs and 95 passing TDs. Yes, it's high school, I get it, but ama-za-zing never the less.

It is pleasing to see that he had the reasoning to come back and finish his senior year instead of risking the same fate as his predecessors did in the pro league.

Speaking of Urban Meyer, you have to include him in this Gator work-up. A couple things about him you may not know...

1) Florida wasn't the first team he has had success with. He was the head coach for another team in 2004 that earned him Coach of the Year; the team went undefeated that year. Who was that mysterious team? The Utah Utes. (That's right, people; this year wasn't the first year they went undefeated and didn't go to the big show.)

2) He has shown extreme interest in coaching Notre Dame.

3) Meyer has a Bachelor's Degree in...wait for it...psychology (chuckle) while playing DB at U of Cincinnati. He received his Master's Degree in Sports Administration at Ohio State.

4) Urban Meyer was drafted in the 1982 draft...the Major League baseball the Atlanta Braves, but only played minor league for two years.

Urban Meyer has got to take his skills as a head coach (which you do have to admire, since his wins versus losses are impressive) and mentor his junior coaches into working his magic in 2009. He has his star QB back and may even have Percy Harvin and his wonderfully egotistical mouthpiece back to aid him in his back-to-back championships.

The other issue that is crucial is recruiting. Recruiting overall in Florida shouldn't be hard, right? Well, actually, yeah, it's probably the, like, most hardest ev-eeerr. Geez...

Okay, sorry, blonde moment...

With the de-commits of Nick Kasa and Greg Reid and the fluctuations of Nu'Keese Richardson, Adam Gorney, and TE Orson Charles, it's like the youngins are scared of being at Florida right now...does that make ANY sense, um...National Championship, platter, building block...should be a no-brainer. But apparently Signing Day will be interesting.

Three factors...three key things...three parts of a team that needs to work together...or Florida will go down next season fast...

As someone pointed out about NCAA basketball giant Duke, "This year, you have a big fat bulls-eye on you, and we're getting closer to hitting the center..."

...Florida, watch your back and dodge when you can...every team in the country wants to bring you down...