Note to Chicago Bears: SIGN THIS MAN...If You Want To Win Next Season

Max KienzlerAnalyst IJanuary 13, 2009

Ok, so the O-line is a little old. And yes, Kyle Orton was not always stellar. And sure we need to find someone who can come in and give Matt Forte a break on some plays. But what the Chicago Bears need is a No. 1 receiver more than anything else right now...At least on the offensive side of the ball.

And T.J.Houshmandzadeh is a free agent this year and fills their exact need. A large, physical receiver who can go up and pull the ball out of the air. He is the perfect complement to Devin Hester, who could grow into an awesome player if he is not facing consistent double teams and matchups with every team's No. 1, shut-down corner.

Now you have a solid one-two punch there. Bring back Brandon Lloyd, who is athletic and catches any pass that comes his way, and you have a pretty solid three receivers, plus Greg Olsen and Des Clark at the tight ends.  

All of the sudden, we are an offensive force. The play-action pass becomes that much more effective with T.J. and Dev on the outsides and Forte in the backfield. The respect defenses will have to give us will allow Kyle Orton to pick a them apart. 

This might cost us a ridiculous amount of money, but if the Bears want to win now, they need a legit threat one the outside (A legit PROVEN receiver). And I have to imagine that T.J. wants out of the mess in Cincinnati

The only other viable option is Anquan Boldin. He definitely wants to get out of Arizona after the extremely large contract they gave to Larry Fitzgerald. The Cardinals can't afford to keep them both so they should try and move him this summer while they can still get something back for him.

Only problem there could be that he has a few injury problems. But he is still a better choice than our current situation.

Listen, Jerry, we know you don't draft well in the first few rounds, so avoid picking a receiver with the No. 1 pick. Sign one of these men. It is the right move. The McCaskeys might not like the price tag, but if you want to win, this is the move that has to be made. Period