Why the NFL Is the World's Greatest Organized Sporting League

robert aSenior Analyst IJanuary 13, 2009

Many will think what I am about to say is a message sent straight from God himself. Others will dismiss it as blasphemy and will request that any future work of mine is immediately destroyed. Regardless, I am unwavering in my opinion, so I am going to go ahead and just say it.

The NFL is the greatest organized sporting league in the world.

Now, I know this seems near impossible to argue with any kind of conviction, but I am going to attempt to do just that, and this is how:

  1. I am going to think of every other possible sport and sporting league that comes to mind and explain why I think the NFL is superior to that sport and/or league.
  2. That's it!
  3. No really, that's it...If you were expecting some kind of highly technical argument with charts, graphs, and other forms of "data," you should probably stop reading now. You will be very, very disappointed.

First up, let's compare the NFL to soccer, rugby, tennis, gymnastics, swimming, water-polo, sailing, cycling, bowling, mountain climbing, and darts. These sports, along with many others that will go without mention, are immediately disqualified from consideration because I do not watch these sports. In fact, some of these "sports" are not in-fact sports. (Darts? Really?!)

Now, I know this seems unfair and it is quite possible that I am wrong. One of the above mentioned sports could very well be vastly superior to football, and as a result have a league that is far greater than anything the NFL might hope to one day be.

However, I don't know anything about it, and in this case, ignorance is bliss. The NFL is better.

Moving right along.

Many people claim the WWE's and UFC's of the world as the premier source of sporting greatness. Something about the blood, the sweat, and the tears drives people crazy!

I can see the argument for MMA fighting, but for those touting the world of professional wrestling, you may want to tap the breaks a little bit.

Wrestling is not a sport. Are there outstanding athletes performing amazing feats? Absolutely. However, when the outcome of a match is predetermined, as it is in professional wrestling, I can hardly see the "sport" in it.

If someone wants to argue that professional wrestling is the greatest entertainment in the world, I will gladly hear their case. Although, I will probably also feel obliged to argue that the greatest form of entertainment is undoubtedly NBC's The Office. (Hurry up and get here Thursday!)

Which brings us back to MMA. What can be better than a couple of big guys (and sometimes little guys, too) beating the hell out of each other? What can possibly trump that?

There are no pads, no helmets, and almost no rules. It is mano-a-mano action...Which is where we have a problem.

To me, the greatest aspect in sports is that of the team. You don't have to be the best collection of talent with the greatest speed or the most strength. In sports, the unit that can come together and work the hardest to achieve their one shared team goal will more often than not be the unit that is crowned the champion in the end.

MMA is missing that aspect of sport, and for that reason and that reason alone, I cannot listen to arguments that put it on the same level as football and the NFL.

Golf and racing suffer from the same problem. I know, golf has a caddy and there are technically racing "teams" and pit crews, but at the end of the day, both of those sports' "teams" are about one person and one person only.

WWE? UFC? PGA? NASCAR? Sorry everyone, the NFL is better.

Now we are making some progress! We are down to the big four: baseball (MLB), basketball (NBA), hockey (NHL), and of course football (NFL).

Some will consider what I am about to do as cheating, or just being plain lazy, and I am fine with that. Simply put, football and the NFL is without a doubt better than all of the aforementioned sports and leagues for one reason and one reason only: the importance of every single game.

With 162, 82, and 82 games per season, the MLB, NBA, and NHL respectively all have regular seasons that are largely unimportant. Sure, things get exciting when they get to postseason play, but in these leagues, where is the common fan's incentive in watching a midseason game?

If your team wins, great! If not, then oh well. It doesn't really matter because if it is only one of many.

Where else in sports do you have stories like the Philadelphia Eagles, a team that, in the span of only three games, went from alive-and-well to out of the playoff hunt and then were suddenly a wild-card playoff team?

In the MLB, NBA, and NHL, if a team starts out 0-4, it's no big sweat. There are at the very least 78 games left for the team to improve their position. In the NFL, if a team starts out 0-4, they can almost go ahead and start packing their lockers.

It is this concept that makes every game, every quarter, every series, and every down more important than anything any other sport has to offer. One missed tackle, one dropped catch can be the difference in staying home for the playoffs and going to Disneyland.

I am sorry MLB, NBA, and NHL. The NFL is just better.

Which brings me to the last, and perhaps strongest challenger. What makes the NFL brand of football better than the college version? Many would have you believe that college football is not only the greatest form of sports, but the absolute greatest thing on earth.

After all, it is a bunch of kids playing for the love of the game and school pride, not for money and power.

Now I am going to ignore the argument that every college ball-player is simply playing for the love of the game. I wish that were the case, but that statement is simply not true.

However, even if it were true, I am still lead to believe that the NFL is the superior product, and the reason is simple.

Even though I love to watch college football, in a nutshell, college football is simply this: It is a season filled with blowouts and pillow fights, sprinkled with a couple of magnificent games, and in the end the winners and losers are determine by computers and "experts" instead of the players on the field.

College football is great but don't talk to me about it being the best until it gets a playoff system. Until then, sorry college football, the NFL is better than you, too.