The Fate of the Arizona Cardinals: It's in Kurt Warner's Hands Now

Joseph LopezCorrespondent IJanuary 13, 2009

When the Arizona Cardinals host the Philadelphia Eagles this weekend for the NFC Championship Game, Kurt Warner will be holding the keys to success and a berth to the Super Bowl.

Warner, who had MVP-caliber numbers this season leads a "pass-happy" offense against the Eagles, who are also red-hot this postseason. The Eagles are coming off their victory against the New York Giants and the Cardinals are coming off their win against the Carolina Panthers.

Both the Cardinals and Eagles weren't expected to advance this far into the postseason, but both teams started rolling once the playoffs began. The Cardinals' defense, which was mediocre and horrible at times during the regular season, has been dominant in the playoffs.

So, in a way, the Cardinals should be the favorites at home against the Eagles. But the fate of the Cardinals not only rests in the hands of their defense, but in their Pro-Bowl quarterback as well.

Warner, who had such a great regular season is looking to win another Super Bowl—with a team that was considered the weakest playoff team this season. Warner will be the deciding factor in the game, and if he can control the tempo of the game the Cardinals will win.

His primary weapons include Anquan Boldin, and Larry Fitzgerald. If Warner can create big plays with his accurate arm, the Cardinals should be able to cool off the Eagles. But if Warner finds himself constantly blitzed, he may not be able to do what he does best—throw the ball 50-yards to his prime-time receivers.

Arizona will be very energetic and very motivated to give the home crowd a good show, and Kurt Warner will guide a highly talented offense against a red-hot Eagles team. If Arizona does play on Feb. 1, it's because of the arm and dedication of Kurt Warner.