The Inaguration Of Obama, Will Change Follow?

John Louie RamosSenior Writer IJanuary 12, 2009

Tuesday, January 20 2009, It won't be your usual day!,

In that day, on the steps of the United States Capitol, Washington D.C. President-elect Barack Obama will finally take his oath as the 44th President of America.

Change is what Obama promised and Change is what America needs. The country is facing serious economic crisis, perhaps the most serious since the Great Depression.

Business firms had started to close, even corporate giants such as the Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. had filed for bankruptcy protection. Unemployment is at a five-year high, Global inflation skyrockets at historic levels.

Revitalize the economy! that's what the people are voicing out, for this reason Obama had laid out the "Obama-Biden Plan". It looks good on paper but the people won't be satisfied with paper. What the people need are jobs, (not contractual but stable) immediate relief, (not bail-out plans for mortgage lenders) Health care, Education, stable prices of goods.

It concerns not only the Americans, It concerns you, me, all of us. whether you're in China, Philippines, Iraq, Indonesia, Mexico, India, Canada, Japan. All countries somehow depends on America. That's a very categorical statement but it is what it is, No country is an exception. Like it or not all countries are engaged in trade relations with America. We are all dependants in someway or another.

A new day has come, new President, new legislation, new reforms nevertheless we ask ourselves, What's with the "new"? What does that leaves us?

A new hope, perhaps hope, it's all we have. It's all we'll ever have. We just have to hope that sooner or later, The GNP, GDP, National Income, and all those Economics terminologies will look favorable to economist, so that we'll have better seats at the Super Bowl, lower PPV rates, cheaper beers and cheaper Popcorns.

So that your five-year old junior will have a new baseball bat, your teenage son will have a new pair of sneakers and your cute little daughter will have a new pair of ballerina shoes.

We don't really need a "Black, Popular, Emeritus President", What all country needs is a "Working President". So much of the speeches and promises, It's been said over and over again that actions speaks louder than words.

It's about time for Obama to give back to the millions who had voted and supported him.

On the other hand, we can only hope, Hope and wait.