NBA Community Power Rankings (Jan. 12): Cleveland Cavaliers Rise to the Top

Ryan CallahanAnalyst IJanuary 12, 2009

Thanks to D. Michael Lee of and Carter for participating in the first NBA Community Power Rankings. To participate next week, email your ranking by 9:00 PM Monday night to I am looking for more participants in future Power Rankings, so be sure to get your votes in!

1. Cleveland Cavaliers (89 points)—The Cavs captured two first place votes and one second place vote to claim the top spot. LeBron James continues to put up MVP quality numbers as this team ascends to the top of the East.

2. Los Angeles Lakers (88 points)—The Lakers captured the other first place vote and two second place votes. Kobe Bryant and the Lakers have gone 9-1 in their last 10 games to improve their record to 30-6 and are the class of the West.

3. Orlando Magic (84 points)—The Magic received all three third place votes. Orlando recently beat the Spurs and have a test against the Los Angeles Lakers coming up on the schedule.

4. Boston Celtics (81 points)—The Celtics received all three fourth place votes. The Toronto Raptors appear to be the perfect solution to cure a slump, as two straight wins over the Raptors get the Celtics back on track.

5. San Antonio Spurs (78 points)—The Spurs captured all three fifth place votes. They have gone 8-2 in their last 10 games but are coming off a tough loss to Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic.

6. Denver Nuggets (74 points)—The Nuggets received two sixth place votes and one seventh place vote. The Chauncey Billups trade has proved to be a good move for the Nuggets, but they will need to play more consistently if they want to have a shot at the title.

7. New Orleans Hornets (72 points)—The Hornets got a sixth, a seventh, and an eighth place vote. The Hornets have gone just 6-4 in their last 10 games, but with Chris Paul around they are never far from the top.

8t. Phoenix Suns (67 points)—The Suns were ranked as high as seventh, and as a low as 10th. Shaq is has been playing great basketball as of late.

8t. Detroit Pistons (67 points)—Detroit received two ninth place votes and an eight place vote. The Pistons are all healthy now and have gone 8-2 in their last 10 games.

10t. Portland Trailblazers (60 points)—Brandon Roy has played well, but the rest of the team will need to step up if they want to make noise in the West.

10t. Atlanta Hawks (60 points)—The Al Horford-less Hawks suffered a loss to the Philadelphia 76ers and are just 6-4 in their last 10 games.

12. Utah Jazz (58 points)—Andrei Kirilenko is coming off the bench this season and is posting some of his best number's of his career. He should get serious Sixth Man Award consideration.

13. Dallas Mavericks (57 points)—The Mavericks will try not to be the dreaded ninth seed out West.

14t. Houston Rockets (49 points)—T-Mac is not having his best year for the Rockets.

14t. Miami Heat (49 points)—Dwyane Wade leads the NBA in scoring, but needs some help from his teammates.

16. New Jersey Nets (46 points)—Devin Harris has propped this team on his back and will carry them into the playoffs.

17. Philadelphia 76ers (42 points)—The Sixers have built up a little four-game win streak after a dismal six-game road trip. Andre Iguodala has finally started playing as well he is capable of.

18. Milwaukee Bucks (40 points)—Michael Redd and the Bucks have played well and look to return to the playoffs this season.

19. Charlotte Bobcats (32 points)—D.J. Augustin has played well in the early going for the Bobcats.

20t. Chicago Bulls (31 points)—Derrick Rose has played extremely well and will battle for the Rookie of the Year award with O.J. Mayo.

20t. Toronto Raptors (31 points)—The Jermaine O'Neal signing did not work out as expected for Canada's team.

22. Indiana Pacers (30 points)—Danny Granger has emerged as a star for the Pacers. But injuries have hurt them and they have not been able to win many games.

23. Minnesota Timberwolves (22 points)—Will Wolves fans ever forgive management for the Kevin Love-O.J. Mayo trade?

24. Memphis Grizzlies (21 points)—O.J. Mayo has been the best rookie so far this season.

25. New York Knicks (18 points)—There are thousands of trade rumors swirling around this team and Stephon Marbury remains with the team. Is David Lee the next one out of town?

26. Golden State Warriors (17 points)—The Warriors miss Baron Davis. A lot.

27. Sacramento Kings (11 points)—Kevin Martin is another player who deserves consideration for Most Improved Player. Rookie Jason Thompson started off strong but has since leveled off.

28. Washington Wizards (10 points)—Reports now say that Agent 0 will miss the remainder of the season.

29. Los Angeles Clippers (8 points)—The Clippers ruined the one thing they had, cap space, by signing Marcus Camby and Baron Davis.

30. Oklahoma City Thunder (3 points)—Kevin Durant, Jeff Green, and Russell Westbrook are a good nucleus for the future. But it hasn't led for wins right now.