WWE WrestleMania 28: The Miz Can Survive the Hunger Games Without Cena or Rock

Shane CombsCorrespondent IIMarch 13, 2012

Rumors are often just that—rumors. I hope that is the case with reports coming in that Miz will interfere in the Rock/Cena match at WrestleMania, according to PWInsider.com (h/t SEScoops.com).

I can’t be the only one who would be offended by having a one-year program shoved down my throat only to have it end in some lame technicality. Only to have the outcome swayed by a non-essential interference.

WWE owes the fans a one-on-one match between the Rock and John Cena.

This is not a proper headline: The best of two eras collide, ten years in the making, random guy interferes.

But please allow me to switch gears here, because you know who else doesn’t need that WrestleMania charity? You know who else will be just fine without being thrust into the WrestleMania main event scene?

The Miz.

In November 2010, in another place and what seems another lifetime, I wrote a column as an open letter to the Miz.

I congratulated him on becoming the WWE champion. I acknowledged that the entire IWC was now in his corner.

I also made a prediction—it wouldn’t last.

I predicted the IWC would get tired of him as it had every guy before him. But, despite this, I knew Miz would be okay.

Allow me to re-quote the quote I used from Miz that made it clear in my mind that he would be okay.

When fans think WWE, I don't want them to think Hulk Hogan or The Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin or John Cena—I want them to think of The Miz, I want to be on every show. When we need a guy to do Conan or Jimmy Kimmel, I want them to call me. I wanna be on the cover of all the video games. I want it all."

Maybe you read this quote and think, "Man the Miz has failed."

If so, you are wrong.

Let’s get the facts out on the table.

Miz cannot control how WWE books him.

If anything, I would say he is suffering from where he was at WrestleMania 27. For a heel to go over in the main event, successfully defending his title, there had to be some kickback. Yokozuna must have been looking down from heaven saying, “Yeah, but this is the part where Hulk Hogan comes out and ruins the whole damn thing!”

The Miz win last year had nothing to do with Miz, yet he continues to suffer from it. WWE was in a one-track mind about promoting John Cena and the Rock, and Miz happened to be the guy across the ring.

Now, when you ‘happen’ to do what nobody else does and you ‘happen’ to win the biggest match of the year and you 'happen' to do so as a heel, as a champion, and against Cena, and it happens to be mostly happenstance, where do you go from there?

I'm happy whether I'm champion or not...I would also die in the Hunger Games
I'm happy whether I'm champion or not...I would also die in the Hunger Games

It is natural you will suffer some sort of yo-yo effect.

Miz has; Miz is.

But I don’t worry about the Miz, and you shouldn’t either.

If you want to worry about someone, worry about Jack Swagger. Here is a guy who used to be world champion who hops around the ring now the same way he did then. He smiles now, just like he did then. He acts as if there is no difference between being world champion and being ‘currently in the ring’ on RAW.

Worry about him.

Or worry about Dolph Ziggler, who I happen to like, but who has caught the disease of ‘cover the things I need to improve with another layer of gimmick’. Dear God. Okay, you are the Show Off. You can stand on your head. Now you have some sort of something hanging from your backside when you come to the ring.

Telling us you have a gimmick is not the same as showing us passion. Here is another former world champion who needs to up his desire and passion, not his wardrobe.

Worry about him.

Do not worry about the Miz.

And I’m not just saying this now. These last couple months when everyone jumped off the Miz bandwagon and was ready to see him fired or expected to see him gone, I still was not worried about the Miz.

You know why? Because he’s still the Miz.

He is still on Conan; he is still on Psych; he is still at the video game awards show.

He is still promoting WWE and growing his brand. He is still as hungry now as he ever was.

In fact, let me just reference the soon-coming Hunger Games movie. The basic plot, no spoilers, is how that world has a reaping where people are placed inside an arena just to see who will live and who will die.

WWE constantly has ‘reapings’ of its own.

It has to. There are not enough slots at the top for people who have once filled them. Guys get de-pushed. They fall on lean times. They are starved out to see if they will survive.

It’s often not a bad thing.

It builds character and gives them something to talk about if they survive and get a WWE DVD in their honor.

And let me be clear—if you placed Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, and the Miz in a Hunger Games Arena, Miz would be the one to survive. Swagger would treat the place like it was the main event, no difference to him. He would grin his way to death. Ziggler would put on gimmick after gimmick ‘til he suffocated himself.

Miz would survive; Miz will survive.

Even if he one day leaves WWE, he will continue to be the Miz somewhere.

There is one scenario I wouldn’t mind seeing, if we had to see the Miz involved with Rock/Cena. That would be for the Miz to come down and lay both men out equally and walk out.

That would be a worthy boost without tilting the match.

I do not want to see an outsider decide Rock/Cena, partly because I do not want to see a Rock/Cena II.

But if WWE does throw Miz into the main event again this year, they better know they are playing with fire. There are only so many times you can tease Miz with the top offerings just to pull back.

What about you? Are you past the hysteria that Miz has ‘lost it’? Do you want to see him involved in the main event at WrestleMania? Do you think he will ever see the WWE main event again?

I want to know what you think.

But you know who doesn’t need to?

The Miz.

He is in the field—in the Hunger Games Arena—still promoting WWE and himself, still surviving and whether he turns up at WrestleMania or not, he will live to talk about it another day.