Chris Jericho FIRED? Save Us!

Blue ChipCorrespondent IJanuary 12, 2009

Can it be that Y2J is gone from WWE for good? Usually when "Vince Mac" says "you're fired" that is it. The career is over and no one can remember a comeback from those two words. 

So why is it that this doesn't seem to be real? I suppose the main reason is that it was not "Vinnie Mac." If there is a resemblance of truth in the speech he gave about Vince coming back, then perhaps we can "be saved."

Chris Jericho has always been my favorite wrestler, by far. Lately I have been wanting and waiting to see the "highlight reel." Jericho is always better as a heel and will always need more mic time.

I think that Michael Cole kind of gave it away when he said, "Jericho is out of the Rumble." I at least hope he did.

"The King" had to step in a bit later and say he was out of the whole WWE. I hope this is all there is. I hope that Jericho is simply out of the Rumble. Perhaps all of Stephanie's comments leading up to the firing were true.

Jericho does not have to try for the "World Title" again. Between the fact that there are several top contenders for the gold and one of them needs a shot, this would make sense. I also think this is a great way to take him out of the title picture in a justified way.

When Jericho does come back, I hope he is brought in as a heel still. He is already a man who is a cheered heel. It could be that he needs time with his family. Jericho could need time to recalibrate his gimmick. Chris could just be out for good but that seems so far from right.

Jericho cannot go. I was listening to a talk radio interview, and they were asking Vince, HHH, Big Show, and Jericho about their injuries.

Jericho was the only one in the group to say that he had never been injured. A person doesn't train a lifetime around the world, stay free of injuries, become a crowd favorite, while a heel, debut for a while, and then fade away six months later!

Save us Y2J!