MLB Spring Training : Why Brett Lawrie Will Have a Monster 2012 Season

Bill FordCorrespondent IIIMarch 13, 2012

TORONTO, CANADA - SEPTEMBER 17:  Brett Lawrie #13 of the Toronto Blue Jays breaks his bat during MLB game action against the New York Yankees September 17, 2011 at Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by Brad White/Getty Images)
Brad White/Getty Images

Toronto Blue Jays' third baseman Brett Lawrie is setting the course to have a huge 2012 season.

Noted for his explosive energy on the field and at bat, he has not disappointed the Toronto organization in spring training and has lived up to his reputation.

Lawrie currently leads all American League hitters in spring training with a .579 batting average. So far, he has an on-base percentage of .600 and a slugging percentage of .842.

Blue Jays manager John Farrell said that Lawrie is a Type-A personality who is aggressive and finds a way to significantly impact the game both on the field and at bat.

He ended the 2011 season with 44 hits, eight doubles, four triples, nine home runs and 25 RBI with a batting average of .293 in 150 at-bats.

Lawrie had been hitting above .300 until his final three games last season. He suffered a broken finger ending his season on Sept. 20.

John Farrell believes that Lawrie gained some valuable MLB experience in his 150 at-bats last season, which helped him to build confidence to be able to handle any pitching that he faces.

Lawrie demonstrated last season that he has the talent and the ability to effectively compete in the major leagues. He has continued to demonstrate those abilities in spring training, and it appears that he has not reached his peak.

If he remains healthy and injury-free, he will have a monster 2012 season and will be one of the most competitive and intimidating players in Major League Baseball.