The New York Mets Design 2009 Jersey Patch, Welcome Fans With a Doormat

Greg JansenCorrespondent IJanuary 12, 2009

Above is the design for the patch that the Mets will be wearing on their jersey sleeves when they take the field for the first time in 2009.

No, stop laughing.  I'm serious.

So far, the patch has been ridiculed on Web sites such as Yahoo! Sports and ESPN, and I'm sure there are others that have made mention of its absurd design.  But how absurd is it?

Well, let's look at the positives first.  The patch is blue and orange, which are the accepted colors of the Mets.  Great.

It is in fact their first season in Citi Field, so the words "Inaugural Season" make sense.  Chalk up another point.

And hey, look, the first season they play in Citi Field is 2009.  They must know what they're doing.

Only one tiny problem:  the design looks more like a doormat than anything else.  The design lacks any mention of the Mets or Citi Field on it.

But most importantly, there is no representation of the heralded architecture of the building. 

Since building began, there has been talk of how the stadium architecture will represent the Mets' connections to New York City, as well as the connections between their past and future.

There has also been continuous mention of how the exterior of the building will bring back memories of the old brickwork of Ebbets Field.  A plaza around the stadium is designing to give an open, welcoming feeling to the ballpark.

So many designs making use of the beautiful stadium could have been used to create a patch that would have been the envy of Major League Baseball (i.e. the patch the Yankees are using for their first season in their new ballpark).  Instead, the doormat reigns.

Are you kidding me?

January 17th addition:

My brother showed me this video from the Colbert Report comparing the Yankees' and Mets' patches for this upcoming year.  The first 1:30 captures it all...