WWE Video: Rock Concert Crushes Cena's Attempt at Attitude

Michael Nargi@NargOnSportsSenior Analyst IMarch 13, 2012

WWE Video: Rock Concert Crushes Cena's Attempt at Attitude

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    The Rock Concert made John Cena's rap performance look like a bad Vanilla Ice video.

    The Rock outperformed Cena yet again in a promo to WrestleMania 28.

    While Cena was introduced to a shower of boos and wearing a sour face, The Rock entered to jubilant ovations with a big smile on his face.

    He knew this was his promo to take and run with.

    And that is exactly what he did.

    The videos speak for themselves, enjoy!

Rock Concert Silences Cena

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    The Rock came out to a tremendous ovation in Cleveland and announced to them that they were a record-setting crowd for Raw.

    The Rock's songs gave us a glimpse of the TV-14 era for a few minutes and it was a welcome sight. 

    The Rock took a storytellers approach to the segment and it made for a very well done promo.

    It wad lighthearted and funny, opposed to Cena's serious, redundant "rhymes."

    When Rock was done singing, he had a sing-a-long with the fans. They sung, "We Will Rock You" and the crowd loved it.

    While The Rock filled in a few lines of the song, the message stayed the same for Cena.

    The Rock proved once again why he is the best entertainer and the one who should walk out of WrestleMania 28 victorious.

Cena Fails Pretty Badly

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    John Cena might have had one good line all night in his promo, "Rock's like LeBron James. He took his talents straight down to South Beach."

    That might have brought the only cheers from the audience.

    The rest of Cena's lines were the same ones that we have heard time and time again.

    "Dwayne, Rock, Rock, Dwayne" and about the Rock using notes.

    Cena could only make corny jokes and "rap" himself into an embarrassing moment.