Who Will Win The Wrestlamania 25 Money In The Bank Ladder Match?

Gabriel GironasContributor IJanuary 12, 2009

In my opinion the second-most-expected match of the year, following the Rumble, is the MITB. And, just like in the Rumble, the goal is to have a shot at the World Title.

Who has the best shots to win it? Here we go:

MR. Kennedy

Kennedy had a pending World Title shot after he lost the MITB opportunity back in 2007 to Edge due to an injury. Since Kennedy´s return, he hasn´t wrestled at all, but he really has a nice charm with the crowd right now.


With his losing streak storyline, SmackDown!'s MVP has gained a lot of face reactions from the audience lately. Trying to quit WWE as part of the story could very well lead him to a big push by winning MITB at 'Mania.

Randy Orton

As much as we want to see him in the main event, that could not happen. Orton is a strong competitor in any kind of match, and he has already proved it. A MITB win at 'Mania could bring back the Age of Orton that same night.


In 2008, Finlay has really proved he is more than ready for a title run, and who knows, with some help from his little son Hornswoggle, he might just get one.

Rey Mysterio

El pequeño guerrero de la raza. The little Raza warrior could be the surprise this year by reaching new highs by grabbing the briefcase with the World Title shot he wants so much.

Evan Bourne

The young flying superstar could really reach heaven by having the MITB briefcase.

John Morrison

The Tuesday Night Delight has proved he is more than ready to carry championship gold around his waist. He just needs the ticket to take a trip to the World Title, and Wrestlemania 25 could mean just that for him.

Vladimir Kozlov

The Moscow Mauler might fail in his quest to get a World Title shot right now, but just having one between his hands would make the path much easier for the Russian monster.

The Brian Kendrick

The Kendrick has reached highs no one tough he would ever reach, but he is not afraid of being the center of attention. At 'Mania 25 we might just see the rise of The Mr. Money in the Bank.