It's All A Numbers Game: Part Six, No. 51-60

Jack PorterCorrespondent IJanuary 12, 2009

After a month break, "It's All A Numbers Game" is back with the sixth part. This time, we'll be taking a look at No. 51 to No. 60.  Last installments poll winner was Joe Pavelski at No. 53. 

51. Andrei Kovalenko - Boston Bruins

Andrei scored 379 points in his 620 game career. At the Montreal Forum, he scored the last goal in the arena's history, as well as the first goal at the RBC Center.

52Adam Foote - Colorado Avalanche

A two-time Stanley Cup champion, Foote has been on an NHL blueline for 16 years. He also won a gold medal with Canada at the 2002 Olympic Games.  He is widely known for his gritty, sometimes dirty play.

53. Joe Pavelski - San Jose Sharks

The winner of the last poll is a young Shark, who is racking up points as a young NHL player. Pavelski scored 10 points in his first 12 games, and has continued his fine career, now with a total of 68 points.

54. Paul Ranger - Tampa Bay Lightning

Paul is a young, tough defenseman for the Bolts, and is solid at the backend. Paul doesn't shy away from contact.  He has scored 88 points in 255 career games.

55. Sergei Gonchar - Pittsburgh Penguins

One of the best offensive defensemen in the NHL right now, Gonchar has put up points throughout his career, including two 67-point campaigns. Gonchar, who has 615 career points, is a key component on the backend for a talented Penguins squad.

56. Sergei Zubov - Dallas Stars

The two time Stanley Cup champ is the second straight offensive defensman on this list and is almost a lock for the NHL Hall of Fame. Zubov is a career +152 player, as well as a 767 point scorer, in 1058 career games.

57. Blake Comeau - NY Islanders

As you can see, there is a lack of players for No. 57, as Comeau is only 70 games into his career with 22 points. I picked Blake because of his potential.  If someone reads this in a few years, they'll agree with this selection.

58. Kristopher Letang - Pittsburgh Penguins

Letang is another youngster, and is the best ever to wear No. 58. He recorded a respectable 32 points in 109 games on the blueline for the Pens.

59. Chad Larose - Carolina Hurricanes

Chad has been a solid forward for the Canes the last three years, and is responsible on his own end of the ice.  Beyond that, he isn't really special.

60. Jose Theodore - Washington Capitals

Jose has struggled the last few years, but was a great goaltender early in his career with the Montreal Canadiens.  He has 197 career wins, with 27 shutouts, and one goal.