Oi, We're All Arsenal Fans, Nikki Forget The Boots Let Your Feet Do The Talking

kenny smithContributor IJanuary 12, 2009

Let me begin by telling you that if your reading this as an Arsenal fan i hope you have read the important note from our co-community leader. Albeit a bit "hormonal" but justified I think.

Upsetting people, name calling and general slagging of other people's opinions is not big, hard or clever.

I used to fly off the handle a bit when I first joined here, usually with Spurs fans, but I've since learned that you can get your point across without shouting and swearing. I have changed my ways to make the Bleacher Report community a better one and so can you if you're guilty.

I expect abuse from rival supporters but its totally out of order from one Arsenal fan to another. 

No matter how much our opinion's differ on Arsenal topics at the end of the day we all have something in common ... WE'RE ALL ARSENAL FANS! 

If someone does not agree with something you say then do not be nasty about it. Just be grateful they took the time to read what you have written. And if you wish you can debate the topic with them, that's fine, that's what we are all here for, to learn and to perhaps to use your knowledge to let others learn. Everyday is a school day!

Moving onto Saturday and we deservedly beat Bolton.

It took us so long to score and it came courtesy of a second half substitute Nicklas Bendtner.

His form had been indifferent of late and I can't help thinking that he will become a great striker if he can just get his attitude spot on.

I will not be drawn onto an argument about Emmanuel Adebayor being much better than him so don't even think about making the comparison.

I think Nikki, as I like to call him, worries a bit to much about style when he is on the pitch. Take his boots for example. In the picture above you will see they are a horrible lime green colour. But he has previously been pretty in pink!

I do not know when these colours came back into fashion, or even if they are back in fashion but wearing these boots and then not playing very well brings so much unneeded attention to yourself.

And then once you have a bad game or two people remember that guy with the pink boots who has not been playing well and there is even more pressure on you to perform which I think he could do without.

Nikki is only 21 and in my opinion should be playing free from pressure. When you're under pressure things become so much more difficult. I really rate Nikki and he does not need fancy footwear to prove he can be a hero.

So Nikki I believe in you just like Arsene does. 

Please leave the fancy boots at home and wear some nice white ones. Or perhaps some sexy black ones like Arsene apparently has and let your feet do the talking. You have the ability, you showed us that on Saturday. Its not your boots that has the ability. I would like nothing more than to see you silence the boo boys.

This has been a good week. A win against our so called bogey team and some good grit shown. Lets hope Arshavin signs soon and he has defenses watching replays of the Euro's and having nightmares of playing against him!

A final word on Kevin Davies who has said that Arsenal players "scream" when they are tackled and that it is "laughable".

Your manager came out pre-match and said that Arsene Wenger is a whinge. You got beaten.

Stop whinging mate!