What's New and Now: The Hottest Viral Sports Videos of the Week

Matt King@TheRealMattKingFeatured ColumnistMarch 14, 2012

What's New and Now: The Hottest Viral Sports Videos of the Week

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    Are you looking for a good way to waste some time on Monday morning in-between filling out your brackets and actually working? I've got some viral sports videos here that should be able to kill 10 minutes pretty easily for you.

    Do you want to see T.O. get dumped over an arena football wall. Of course you do. Do you want do see the coolest ally-oop of the NBA season. Uh, yeah. Do you want to see idiot high school kids rush the court on a buzzer-beater that didn't actually count? Okay, I think you're sold by this point.

    Come check out all the viral-y sports goodness inside.

You Are Not the Father

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    Didn't think NC State's reaction to making the NCAA Tournament could get any more entertaining? Wrong. Everyone knows that adding a little Maury makes everything better.

    You're getting in on the ground floor of this one. It hasn't gone viral yet, but I really hope it does.

Buzzer Beater Fakeout

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    I love this video. The player hesitantly dribbles up the floor like an idiot, so the coach is forced to call a timeout at the last second, rendering the lucky buzzer beating toss moot.

    The player celebrates by running down the court and hanging on the opposing team's rim as the fans storm the court with the officials desperately trying to wave it off and do it over again.

    In summation, high schoolers are the worst.

David Beckham "Almost" Hit by Beer Can

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    And by "almost," we mean that a beer can was thrown into Beckham's general vicinity, coming nowhere close to hitting him.

    All this does is prove that soccer fans are nuts. This was a random game in Toronto for goodness sakes, and it looks like a World Cup match with all the TP and beer cans being thrown around.

    I will give Beckham credit for a pretty sweet corner kick that resulted in the equalizer, though. Way to fight through the craziness Becks.

This Just In...Gerald Green Can Dunk

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    This is the coolest alley-oop I've ever seen. Period.

    It may not be the most difficult, but the style points are off the charts.

Gronk Wants Madden Cover

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    Rob Gronkowski wants to be the next Madden cover. He also seems intent on showcasing how he's the biggest bro in all of sports.

    Showcasing ridiculous workout routine? Check. Zubaz? Check. Referring to his fans as Gronk Nation? Check.

    This video has everything.

T.O. Gets "Owned"

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    Have you ever wanted to see a six-second video of Terrell Owens getting dumped into the stands in an arena football game? Are you in luck!

    Kind of funny, but mostly kind of sad to see one of the greatest wide receivers in NFL history going out like this.

Little Kid Cries Because Scoop Jardine Is Graduating

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    I want to adopt this kid. The way he says "Scoop" is adorable and heartbreaking.

    Apparently "you still have Fab Melo" was not very comforting. Way to go, MOM!

Caroline Wozniacki Is Bad at Pranks

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    Women's tennis seems like they really want to try to be funny, but it's just not happening for them.

    They play up these vaudeville-like performances at exhibition matches, and here we see Caroline Wozniacki trying to pop a balloon while Maria Sharapova gives an interview (classic!).

    Why don't you all spend that excess time figuring out how to play your sport without sounding like you're dying or in the middle of coitus. Okay?

Kobayaski Ate a Lot of Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

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    13, to be exact, in one minute at SXSW.

    If you don't think competitive eating is a sport, you need to watch this video.

    *Watches video*

    Oh, competitive eating is definitely not a sport.