Weekend Scraps: Jeff Spikes, Chase Daniel, and the Missouri Coaching Staff

DJ GoodwinCorrespondent IJanuary 12, 2009

A few notes on the Big 12 North from the weekend ...

We got to know quite a bit about right tackle Jeff Spikes in a KUsports.com piece this morning. As we all probably know, he's still developing and is pretty self-aware of that fact. He named the Mizzou game as his best performance and Nebraska game as his toughest. Comments on Huskers battle:

“That’s when I saw the most unfamiliar things happen with the defense. There were things I hadn’t experienced. There were techniques I hadn’t played against. That was really unfamiliar for me, and that made me not play in my element. I wasn’t too sure, wasn’t comfortable. But I learned the most from that game just because I had the experience of going through things like that I hadn’t seen before. I learned more that game than the first three games of the season.”



The Columbia Tribune has an article where Chase Daniel describes a thumb injury that he played with in the later part of the year. I'd definitely buy that it affected his accuracy in the Northwestern game.



Dave Matter from Tribune also reports that LSU tight ends coach Josh Henson is possible target for a position on the MU staff in his Behind the Stripes blog. The main take from this article is the LSU situation is kind of a mess and the Tigers might land a good recruiter out of the deal. Excerpt:

Late last month, it was reported by some media outlets that Henson would be relieved of his recruiting coordinator duties at LSU as Miles was prepared to hire former Mississippi Coach Ed Orgeron to take on that role. However, Tennessee moved in and hired Orgeron first. Miles has since shaken up his LSU coaching staff, adding three new assistants in recent weeks. Henson is widely considered one of the nation’s premier recruiters. LSU’s 2009 collection of verbal commitments is currently ranked No. 1 by Rivals.com.