Did Dallas Really Crumble, Or Were The Other Teams Just Better?

James WilliamsonSenior Writer IJanuary 12, 2009

I'm not trying to make excuses for Dallas. They disappointed me beyond belief at times.

I think they are the most inconsistent team I have ever seen. You never know what could happen during a Dallas game. Atleast the Lions are consistent enough to lose.

But when you don't know if the defense is going to be off, or your running back is going to be off, or if your quarterback is going to make, yet another mistake, it can give you gray hairs.

But is Dallas that bad, or where they facing teams that were just too good?

All four of the remaining playoff teams have beaten Dallas. Three of them were in our last four games.

Is it possible that Dallas just had a very tough schedule?

The Steelers game was played in Pittsburgh, and that place is just to me, the worst place to play if you are not a Steeler. It ranks up there with Lambeau Field, and Antarctica.

Dallas played hard, and still only lost by seven. Pittsburgh is the favorite to win the Super Bowl now. They won the Super Bowl three years ago.

After Pittsburgh, we lost to the Baltimore Ravens. That game was beyond weird. First the offense couldn't click, and then the defense couldn't stop two 70+ yard touchdown runs.

It was the saddest way to say goodbye to Texas Stadium. I just hope the Ravens use that win as a good luck charm to a Super Bowl berth at least.

Then came Philadelphia in Philadelphia. A massacre of the Cowboys by a defense that is supremely underrated, and a quarterback with a chip the size of Mount Everest on his shoulders.

Last but not least, the Cardinals. I picked Kurt Warner to do well this year, I thought it was ridiculous to put Leinart in front of Warner. Kurt Warner, in the playoffs so far has been brilliant.

In that game, we just had trouble from the beginning, and in overtime, Tony Romo got hurt. That game was a tragedy analogous to the entire year. We just need to do better.

People questioned the Cardinals and Kurt, but I didn't. I knew he had a young defense, so my surprise is how well that defense is playing now. The offense was always good, especially since a future Hall of Fame quarterback was under center.

Every time they played on the East Coast it was a one o'clock game. Now, they had more time to get ready for a night game there, and have won a game in the Eastern Time Zone.

Hopefully, home field advantage should be enough for them.

So, is Dallas that bad? No, they just had a good run of bad luck. They had over half a dozen players on injured reserve, and Tony Romo was out for three games, two of which, they lost.

Dallas has flaws, but I hope, as does every Cowboy fan, that we can correct these flaws, and come back strong.

We have a great receiving corps, a trio of excellent running backs, and a defense that is finally clicking.

What needs to happen is passion and leadership. A team that doesn't shrug it off, but fights every step of the way. Jerry Jones wants to make that team, and hopefully he will.

To all Dallas fans, hope Philadelphia and Pittsburgh lose, since they are our main rivals, and enjoy the Super Bowl.

Prepare for a new year with a new Cowboys team.