Archie Griffin Isn't the Only One to Win Two Heismans

J. Robert ByromCorrespondent IJanuary 12, 2009

Okay, maybe he is, but Josh Heupel has won two as well despite finishing runner-up to Chris Weinke the one time he was invited to the Downtown Athletic Club.  Jason White and Sam Bradford will tell you that the most important factor in their Heisman-caliber success is Josh Heupel, and that may mean that no one, including Bob Stoops, has been as instrumental to OU's success as Heupel.

So OU needs to do everything possible to retain him and not let him go to become the offensive coordinator at Minnesota or somewhere else. Yeah, he may come back one day if offered the job, but why take the chance of letting him go?

He is a South Dakota kid, the cold doesn't scare him, and if he ends up being their next head coach or somewhere else, it is not a done deal he would come back if called. He seems to be loyal; I do not think he would want to quit a team to coach another, maybe, because one has to believe OU would be his dream job, but why gamble on it.

He may very well be the next coach at OU if Stoops sticks around a few more years and lets him get the OC experience needed. I just cannot see Venerables being given the opportunity when he has been the whipping boy for so long.

So what can OU do to keep him? Two things: Promote him and pay him.  Make him the co-offensive coordinator and give him OC money now. Then he will know that he is the heir apparent for the position without a doubt. The OC position has been a revolving door into head coaching positions since Leach left in 2001. He would know his wait to be solo would be short. 

OU football has never had a shortage of money even through the '90s, the one long stretch of futility since WWII.  How much notoriety does a Heisman every four years bring a university? It is certainly worth more than they would have to pay Heupel to keep him. 

At OU, if someone wins a Heisman they get a statue just outside the stadium. So, Castiglione, if you want to keep surrounding the stadium with statues, do whatever it takes to keep Heupel. 

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