LSU Football: Whether or Not She Makes The Team, Mo Isom Story is a Great One

Sean MerrimanCorrespondent IMarch 12, 2012

In this day and age, the term of "breaking news" has taken on a whole new meaning in the sports media world. Information can suddenly fill the internet, airwaves and newspaper any time an athlete scribbles down 140 words or less followed by a # sign on the social media phenomena known as twitter.

That's exactly what happened when the news broke that former LSU women's soccer goalkeeper Mo Isom attended an open spring tryout for LSU's football team last week.

Of course, this isn't your ordinary sports story, which is probably why it has so much appeal to the average individual.   

Isom began working out with the football team last summer, attempting to transition her soccer skills to the football field. From what we have heard, her tryouts have gone well and head coach Les Miles has been impressed with the limited work he has seen from Isom.

But this story is an example of going after what you want, regardless of how much the odds are stacked against you.

It hasn't been determined yet if Isom will have a spot on the LSU football team this fall. We could know in 24 hours, or we could know in 24 days. But regardless of whether she does make the team or not, this is a great story and it is good for sports.

In a year that saw a flurry of off-the-field scandals that could make even the average college football fan shake their head is disgust, the story of of Mo Isom has a refreshing feel to it. It makes us feel good about the sport of college football and gives us fans a reminder of just how special this game can be when a story like this comes to surface.

Female soccer player turns into star place kicker on powerhouse college football team. It doesn't sound right by any means, but in a college sports world where there are new surprises that pop up every day, this would sure be one that people would talk about for a long time to come.

And chances are, you could read about it on twitter.