No Way Back for Charlton Athletic

Steven WoodgateCorrespondent IJanuary 12, 2009

Let’s face it, being five points adrift at the bottom of the Championship is not the most ideal position to start giving up hope, especially with so much riding on it. Newly installed Charlton Athletic manager Phil Parkinson gives his somewhat subdued rally cry to his players and fans, “Once we get that first win we’ll go on to get several very quickly.”

I’ve heard more sense coming out of Gordon Brown. It’s quite the ordeal.

Charlton are rooted to the bottom, scoring 28 goals so far this season, as their defence has more holes than a colander, shipping an awful 47 goals. It’s a cause without hope.

Parkinson has dug deep and somehow managed to conquer the loan signing of Reading’s captain Graeme Murty, in all honesty it was probably not for his defensive ability but more for his bottle and character; A leader, something that Charlton have desperately missed.

It’s a matter of too little too late.

Their latest defeat to another relegation candidate, Nottingham Forest, left nothing to the imagination, Charlton are stuck in a rut.

They have passed the point of no return and as ex-Premier League clubs shown previously, Charlton should be preparing for a massive clear out and establish themselves once again, even if that is in League One.

Leicester City and Notts Forest are the inspiration to aspire to, but these are two massively supported clubs unlike Charlton.  They really are going struggle whatever the outcome at the end of this season.

Leeds United have been struggling to get back. Swindon Town and Bradford City have gone through the whole cycle all the way down to League Two. Southampton are so far in debt their playing their under 14s and still are doing a lot better than the Addicks.  

There is a genuine chance of Charlton going out of business (Takeover must be immediate), and a sensible plan should be put in place to guarantee the future of the club rather than rely on Championship football next season. There should be no gung-ho. 

Let’s remember this team was a whisker of a playoff last term and were even candidates for European football a couple of years back.

This club have fallen quicker than the government’s popularity and fans must be worried. They must start saving their pennies, especially in the time of recession, to fund the luxurious trips to Carlisle, Brighton and Yeovil.