Canadiens-Capitals: Sergei Kostitsyn Leads Montreal to Huge Comeback

Charles L. GareCorrespondent IJanuary 12, 2009

I was awestruck by Kostitsyn's goal with 22 seconds left in the game.

When the sports news came on, I watched the highlights over and over.

It was a tough game against the Capitals.

Every time the Habs went ahead, the Caps kept coming back.

And with the score tied 4-3, guess who gets a penalty? The Canadiens of course, so now the score is tied and everything is on the line. 

Would it be overtime? Not this time.

The puck got tangled in feet, and the next thing you know it's in Washington's net.

The game is over. Two points for the Habs—nothing for the Caps.

A little too close for comfort, yes—but it's the kind of game the Canadiens are playing lately, which gives them 9-1-1 record in their last 11 games.

I live in a part of Canada where you cannot see the Canadiens, because apparently either Toronto or the CBC says the Leafs are the team a majority of the Canadian public wants to watch. This season there have been—believe it or not—two Saturdays where the Leafs did not play, and so the Canadiens got prime time.

Also, because of the Montreal Canadiens' 100-year celebration, they where given a Thursday night time slot before Christmas on CBC—so it was Ron McLean and Kelly Rudy talking about Montreal instead of Toronto.

I have very strong opinions about the Toronto Maple Leafs. Personally, I'm sick of having them shoved down my throat Saturday after Saturday. They have done nothing for 41 years, and really don't care to improve that status.

Because of the fact Toronto hockey fans give them a sellout night after night its a shame you can't watch the Habs unless they're playing the Leafs, or carried by TSN, or Rogers Sports net against the Toronto.

Admittedly, TSN does carry the Canadiens against other teams, and Rogers Sports Net on their RSPNE—but they blackout the game. After all the Maple Leafs wouldn't allow such a thing.

Well I guess I've said all I'm going to regarding this, the Canadiens won against the Capitals, and now on to the Bruins on Tuesday—when there will be no coverage. You can't even see the Habs on the french channel here.


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