NFL Demands That Fun Be Banned from Sports

Ian RobinettSenior Analyst IJanuary 12, 2009

The more and more I watch the NFL, the more and more I realize that Roger Goodell doesn't have a clue what would make the game better, ratings better, and the league more profitable.

Everyone hears the NFL referred to as the "No Fun League," and watching everything that gets called as "Excessive Demonstration," shows me that that phrase is exactly right.

So here is my question. What determines what is really "excessive?"

I know that the idea of choreographed, prop-laden, multiple person, line dancing is what they're trying to eliminate, but seriously, why?

I am someone, along with many I know and hear from on a national media level, that is something that adds to the entertainment factor of the game.  And believe it or not, entertainment makes money! Hell, if someone gets a degree in broadcasting, like myself, they teach you two things right off the bat: "If It Bleeds, It Leads" and "Sex Sells".

How does that have any bearing on the "overly-excessive" celebrating we see after a touchdown?  It is all a matter of how you look at it.

Let me point out one advertisement that is all over the NFL. It is a commercial for, staring WWE Diva, Candice Michelle. Since the first one back during Super Bowl XLII, she has worn nearly no clothes, and flaunted her "talents" all over the screens of America.

Am I complaining? No! Just keep reading!

Anyway, commercials like this are all over television, and in the sporting world, primarily in the NFL. In the league that allows that, it cannot allow Terrell Owens to grab a couple of pom-poms and dance a little jig?


Does the NFL remember back when Jamal Anderson created the "Dirty Bird," and how insanely popular it became all across the NFL "Fanation?" What about the "Ickey Shuffle?" Or one of my favorites, spinning the football in the end-zone and several members of the team warming their hands? What about Deion Sanders' dance that has been imitated by NFL players today?

These are what is called entertainment and fun. I know it is a difficult concept to learn, but that is what it is.

Instead, they call anything that might be a celebration with a teammate a foul, and knock-off 15 yards. They must seriously want players to score a touchdown, and quietly walk to the bench while being golf-clapped by the fans.

This must be their mind-set, "Any ruckus could be bad for our image! I mean the poor golf fans are being taken over by 'Get in the hole!' chants, we must preserve our perfectly boring image and keep old, cranky, unhappy, people happy with absolutely no fun whatsoever!  Quick call that foul!  Hrumph!  Hrumph!  Hrumph!"

What the NFL needs to do is crack down on things that matter. Crack down more on dangerous collisions that can end people's careers and cause paralysis, crack down on steriod use, crack down on things that make the game look bad, but quit taking things away that cause the NFL to lose it's ability to be entertaining.

Quit policing what you personally feel is "entertaining," and let the fans decide.  Remember, Roger Goodie-two-shoes-ell, we're the ones who pay for this, we're the ones you should make happy.