WWE WrestleMania 24: Top 10 Moments from the Night Ric Flair Retired

Justin Watry@@JustinWatrySenior WriterMarch 11, 2012

WWE WrestleMania 24: Top 10 Moments from the Night Ric Flair Retired

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    Leave the memories alone. Those four words are what I remember most about this event back in 2008. WWE took WrestleMania to Florida, and they made sure it was a very memorable event for fans.

    With over 74,000 members of the WWE Universe ready for the biggest show of the year, the company more than delivered. What were the best moments of the night?

    Let's find out...

10. JBL Defeats Finlay

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    Finlay and Vince McMahon were in a feud over Hornswoggle for the past few months. At the last minute, JBL was inserted into this battle.

    It made very little sense, but I could live with it. Vince vs. Finlay was likely going to be a great brawl, but Bradshaw can brawl with the best of them as well.

    On this night, JBL picked up the victory.

9. Divas

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    Beth Phoenix and Melina vs. Maria and Ashley was the diva's match of the night.

    Of course, there was an added "Lumberjill" stipulation. I don't think it really mattered, but everybody gave their best effort.

    Fate was not on their sides, as the lights went out in the stadium during their match. It was quickly fixed, but that was probably the high point of this segment.

    Beth pinned Maria to get the win.

8. ECW Title

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    Chavo Guerrero was the current ECW Champion.

    Kane had won a battle royal earlier in the evening to earn a title match.

    As expected, these two did not get a lot of time to work with. Kane attacked Chavo from behind to pick up the victory and the belt in a matter of seconds.

7. Batista vs. Umaga

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    This was a battle for brand supremacy.

    Yes, it was yet another Raw vs. Smackdown feud that meant nothing. Half the card was filled with Raw vs. Smackdown matches, yet nothing was mentioned.

    Umaga represented Raw, while Batista represented Smackdown. Months later in the WWE draft, they would switch shows.

    On this night, Batista defeated Umaga. It was a decent match, but the best part was the crowd starting to chant for the Samoan Bulldozer towards the end.

    Very fun.

6. Money in the Bank

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    The participants were Chris Jericho, Shelton Benjamin, John Morrison, Carlito, CM Punk, MVP and Mr. Kennedy.

    Just like most years, you can eliminate a few wrestlers right off the bat. This was no different.

    Shelton had no chance. Morrison was only there for his "spots." Carlito was no longer worth it. MVP was in the middle of a huge feud with Matt Hardy, so he was out. Finally, Kennedy blew every chance he was given, thus he was done.

    That left Jericho from Raw, who just returned. On the ECW side, you had the rising star in CM Punk. Again, WWE made the right choice.

    They took a man and risked a "push" on him. Some will work out while others won't. That is just the nature of the business.

5. Celebrities

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    The Rock inducted his family the night before into the WWE Hall of Fame.

    Snoop Dogg was involved with the divas. That was fine!

    Raven (not the wrestler) was there for some charity work.

    Kim Kardashian even got a few segments. Since her show is so great to watch, I can give her a pass.

    Not even mentioning one of the main event matches, this show was filled with celebrities. I have no issues with WWE using stars from the "outside world," but they really went overboard here.

4. WWE Title Match

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    Right when this match was thrown in the middle of the show, WWE gave away the "shocking" finish. Oh well, that is just how 'Mania cards work.

    Randy Orton was the reigning WWE Champion. Triple H was the No. 1 contender for the title. John Cena was the Royal Rumble winner, who had already used his title match a month earlier.

    It was just a big mess. Situations like these are why I prefer one-on-one feuds so much.

    In the end, we were treated to a fun triple threat match that went about 10 minutes. It had to be disappointing to see three huge stars get so little attention at WrestleMania.

    As I mentioned earlier, Orton retained to the surprise of many. However, you had to know the only heel in the match would win once it was placed in the middle of the event.

    A month later, Triple H won the WWE title.

3. Biggest vs. Best

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    Big Show returned to WWE in February at No Way Out.

    He was in great shape and was ready to dominate again. After taking care of Rey Mysterio, Floyd Mayweather jumped into the ring and knocked Show out!

    It was a major moment, and the wrestling world was shocked. On top of that, the boxing world was just as shocked!

    There was only one way to finish this. Big Show would have to take on Floyd at WrestleMania to see who would prevail in the end.

    Size or skill?

    Well, Big Show found out that size doesn't always mean everything. Floyd beat Show in a very entertaining "celebrity" match, and it will be remembered forever in a positive light.

2. The Main Event

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    Edge vs. Undertaker for the World Heavyweight Championship was given the final spot of the show.

    I have to admit to being stunned by this move. The entire night had a very surprising order of things. As usual, WWE knew exactly what they were doing.

    Both men were up to the challenge.

    Edge played the perfect heel for Taker to dethrone of the gold and allow the crowd to leave happy. That is the entire point of WrestleMania, and four years ago was no different.

    Undertaker extended his undefeated streak at 'Mania, and the excellent feud between him and Edge was just getting underway...

1. Ric Flair Retires

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    Like many, I try to ignore the past few years of Ric Flair inside a wrestling ring. Based on ratings, I would be shocked if most fans even knew that Ric has been wrestling again since 2008.

    WWE gave Flair the perfect sendoff. Nothing will ever top this week for a star in this business. He beat the reigning WWE Champion (Orton) on the his final Raw show.

    Days later, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. The next night, he lost in a featured match against Shawn Michaels (arguably the two best ever).

    On Monday night, he got to say his farewell in a very emotional segment. It just couldn't have been more perfect. He had given so much to the business, and it was time for everybody to give it all back to Ric.

    Leave the memories alone...

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