Oakland Athletics Preview: A's Have the Talent to Compete in AL West

Joseph LopezCorrespondent IJanuary 12, 2009

The 2009 season for the Oakland A's is looking a whole lot brighter now that they've added Matt Holliday and Jason Giambi to their lineup. These additions not only improve their offense, they will help their pitchers as well—by providing much needed run support.



The A's added Matt Holliday earlier in the offseason and added Jason Giambi last week. The two very skilled athletes will provide a spark for the A's anemic offense that was one of the worst, if not the worst offense in the league last season. Eric Chavez is also looking healthy and would add to the lineup with his 30 HR potential.



The A's had one of the best young pitching staffs last year and led the league for a while during the first half. Even though Billy Beane traded away Rich Harden and Joe Blanton, the A's have a strong young staff that has a lot of upside.

The young pitching only struggled because they knew they couldn't give up more than two or three runs due to their horrible offense. But with the additions of Giambi and Holliday, the A's pitching staff can afford to be a little more relaxed.



The A's continue to have one of baseball's best defenses, and with a healthy Eric Chavez, the A's will play great defensive baseball. Mark Ellis deserves a Gold Glove every year it seems, and Bobby Crosby isn't a bad defender either. Young outfielder Ryan Sweeney is a real talent, and he should make some great plays out in the outfield.



The Oakland A's have an offense now and can compete for the AL West Division Crown. The Angels took huge blows when they lost their closer "K-Rod," Mark Teixeira, and Garret Anderson.

The only question mark is the A's pitching. If they can mature into major leaguers during the course of the season, then the A's can contend with the Halos. The A's have the offense now to support a very talented young group of pitchers.