The Second Bald Prophet 2009 NCAA Tournament Projection

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The Second Bald Prophet 2009 NCAA Tournament Projection

Duke takes a No. 1 seed away from North Carolina.  Oklahoma State debuts as an eight seed. 

The last four teams into this week's edition: Texas A&M, San Diego State, Kentucky, and Kansas.

The last four teams out were Illinois State, Boston College, Stanford, and UNLV.  Illinois State may have been the most counterfeit undefeated team in recent history. Boston College's win over North Carolina doesn't cover up the rest of their weak profile. Stanford has also fallen hard in the beginnings of the Pac-10 season.  UNLV is the odd man out, as the Mountain West isn't likely to get three teams in at this stage.

The Big East still has nine teams in.  Right now the SEC has five, but they have to be careful—Kentucky is hanging by a thread.

Read 'em and enjoy.

Second BP 2009 Bracket


1 Pitt v. 16 Robert Morris/Alabama State

2 UNC v. 15 Navy

3 Georgetown v. 14 Binghamton

4 Illinois v. 13 George Mason

5 Tennessee v. 12 San Diego State

6 Butler v. 11 Florida State

7 Baylor v. 10 Purdue

8 Oklahoma State v. 9 Washington


1 Wake Forest v. 16 Hampton

2 Syracuse v. 15 Middle Tenn. State

3 Arizona State v. 14 East Tenn. State

4 Xavier v. 13 VMI

5 Michigan v. 12 Drake

6 BYU v. 11 Kansas

7 Florida v. 10 Maryland

8 Louisville v. 9 Davidson


1 UConn v. 16 Harvard

2 Michigan State v. 15 Austin Peay

3 Clemson v. 14 Lamar

4 Texas v. 13 Miami (Ohio)

5 Cal v. 12 Dayton

6 Notre Dame v. 11 UK

7 St. Mary’s v. 10 West Virginia

8 Ohio State v. 9 Arkansas


1 Duke v. 16 Weber State

2 Oklahoma v. 15 North Dakota State

3 UCLA v. 14 Long Beach State

4 Marquette v. 13 Utah State

5 Memphis v. 12 Texas A&M

6 Minnesota v. 11 Siena

7 Villanova v. 10 South Carolina

8 Wisconsin v. 9 Gonzaga

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