English Premier League: 5 Most Likely Managers to Lose Their Job

Matthew Celentano@@Gunner_NYCFeatured ColumnistMarch 12, 2012

English Premier League: 5 Most Likely Managers to Lose Their Job

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    With the Premier League table starting to settle, it's becoming clear who the favourites for relegation are, as well as which managers are likely to lose their job next.  

    But it's clear that not only managers with relegation threatened clubs are on the hot seat—gaffers all over the table are under pressure, and we definitely saw that with the recent sacking of Andre Villas-Boas. They say a football manager has the hardest job in the world, and that may very well be true.   

    Here are five Premier League managers that could be just one bad run of form away from getting the sack.

Steve Kean

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    An obvious choice for this list, Steve Kean has been on the hot seat for the entirely of Blackburn's nightmare campaign. 

    The boss at Ewood Park has been receiving protests from fans virtually every week. Why? I'll take a wild guess—maybe because he allowed the club to be owned by Venky's, an Indian chicken company that doesn't seem to know the first thing about football. Or maybe it's because he's led the side to just six wins in 28 matches this season. Or, possibly, it's the fact that he let the club's captain and most important player—Christopher Samba—leave in the middle of a season-long relegation battle.

    It's beyond me how Steve Kean still has his job, and although they may have distanced themselves from the relegation zone by three points, expect it to come down to the wire on whether or not the Rovers will be playing in the Premier League next season.

Roberto Martinez

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    Roberto Martinez is a man with a vision. He strives to get his side, Wigan Athletic, to play football the way it should be played—fluid and attacking.

    Is he succeeding at this? Maybe just a little.

    But in all honesty, Martinez's one focus should be on keeping Wigan afloat in the Premier League. He's done a good job at this in recent seasons, pulling a few houdinis, in particular last season, when Wigan leapt out of the relegation zone on survival Sunday, the last day of the season.

    But in dead last with just four wins and 21 points, can Wigan make a moment of magic again?

    Roberto Martinez's job may depend on it.

Mark Hughes

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    When Queens Park Rangers sacked Neil Warnock and appointed Mark Hughes, they were certainly going for a Sunderland-Martin O'Neill-esque turnaround.

    Yeah, that didn't happen. QPR have actually dropped in the table since hiring Hughes, now sitting in the relegation zone with their Premier League dreams looking bleak. Now, although he may be a new man, and is expected to be given time to settle and make changes to the club, there's no question that relegation will certainly throw Hughes' job into danger.

    QPR currently have a number of surprisingly big names on the books, and if they do fall back down into the Championship I'm sure the majority of those players will be leaving the club for greener pastures. Relegation could ensue a code-black crisis, so be wary Hughes, be very wary.

Alex McCleish

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    I think people underrate how horrible Alex McCleish has been for Aston Villa this season.

    The Villains used to consistently finish in sixth place. Now, I know that just won't happen now with the rise of clubs like Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur, but I would still at least expect Villa to retain a mid-table finish with the amount of quality they have in the squad.

    Nope, in his first season at the club after arriving from bitter rivals Birmingham, McCleish has led Aston Villa to 15th place so far—but that's not why McCleish should get the sack.

    Under McCleish, Villa have been playing horrible football–I'm talking Stoke City type stuff. The man shows no ambition of playing attractive football whatsoever, his men just hoof the ball up and hope that a forward gets on the right end of it. 

    Of all the managers on this list, this is one that I know should just be sacked.

Kenny Dalglish

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    Before I get a storm of abuse from enraged Liverpool supporters, just hear me out.

    Yes, I know it's taboo among Reds fans to speak the slightest negative thing about club legend and manager Kenny Dalglish—but there are way too many problems at Anfield right now, and that's coming from an Arsenal supporter. 

    Kenny Dalglish just hasn't done a great job. Taking over last January, Dalglish hoped to turn the Red's season around with the ambitious transfers of Luis Suarez and Andy Carroll. But one year, several flops, and hundreds of millions of pounds later, Liverpool find themselves in seventh, 10 points away from the top four and nowhere near the desired title challenge that Dalglish spoke of at the start of the season.

    Their biggest problem is undoubtedly the squad's inability to score goals. They've netted just 30 goals in 28 matches in the Premier League this season—to put that into perspective, Arsenal's Robin Van Persie has alone scored 25 goals.

    Liverpool will look to bring in more quality and talent during this summer's transfer window, but will that really help? They tried doing that last summer and almost every single player they bought has turned into a relative flop.

    Liverpool supporters: Face the facts and realize that there are certainly people out there that could do a better job at the club than Dalglish.