Musings from the Bald Prophet: Falling from Grace and the Sixth BP Top 25

Marc DaleyAnalyst IJanuary 12, 2009

Five general musings about the college hoops scene while mourning the Giants' collapse...

1) OK, everybody had to figure North Carolina wasn't going to go undefeated, but who would've thunk they'd be 0-2 in the ACC?  Yep, the Tar Heels got rocked by Jeff Teague and the Demon Deacons and now sleep with the fishes and Georgia Tech.  One would have to think Carolina blue gets right against the Cavaliers on Thursday—wouldn't they?

2) Welcome back, Scottie Reynolds.  The same guard who was lauded as a freshman dropped 40 in an OT win over Seton Hall as the Philly 'Cats made their last 18 free throws.  'Nova has to be considered a threat again, as they go nine deep and have better frontcourt play than the four-guard attack of '05-06. 

3) Kentucky nearly allowed Vanderbilt to do to them what they almost did to Louisville.  The game was well in hand (up by 18 with just over three minutes to play) when the 'Dores nearly sailed on to a miracle win.  Granted, Tennessee is a head-case team that has never been accused of being fundamentally sound, but the Lexington 'Cats must show a more consistent effort against the Vols on Tuesday.

4) Back to the "mighty have fallen" department—OK, Illinois State isn't exactly elite, but they went from being a borderline Top 25 team to out of the Dance card in a week.  Bradley I might forgive.  Indiana State I can't.  Sorry, Redbirds.

5) Finally, take a look at the Cowboys—not the overrated and overpaid bunch from Dallas, but the Travis Ford-led crew at Oklahoma State. All five starters average double figures, and they have won their last seven.  A great matchup with Baylor looms on Saturday afternoon.


Now for your BP Top 25.

1) Pitt

2) Wake Forest

3) UConn

4) Duke

5) UNC

6) Syracuse


8) Clemson

9) Michigan State

10) Oklahoma

11) Texas

12) Xavier

13) Memphis

14) Georgetown

15) Marquette

16) Arizona State

17) Butler

18) Villanova

19) Notre Dame

20) Michigan

21) Minnesota

22) California

23) Illinois

24) Tennessee

25) St. Mary's