WWE/TNA: My Top 10 Moments of the Week (Mar. 5-9)

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IMarch 11, 2012

WWE/TNA: My Top 10 Moments of the Week (Mar. 5-9)

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    Another week of professional wrestling has ended, and it was quite the week of ups and downs.

    WWE Monday Night Raw was an overall good show but it took a major dive in the middle. Thankfully the show was picked right back up and it finished strong.

    TNA Impact Wrestling gave another solid show this week but lost some major points since they put Garret Bischoff in the main event.

    WWE SmackDown was very bland and I just didn’t really like it at all. It’s because of that SmackDown has been completely cut out this week.

    This week’s top 10 features an equal amount of moments from both Raw and Impact Wrestling, but I have to give Raw the “Top Show” award.

    While Raw had some major low points, it finished strong. TNA was the exact opposite. They started strong but ended very weak.

    Here are my top 10 moments of the week!

    Starting next week, this article will feature moments from Ring of Honor Wrestling! While they don’t air here in Connecticut, I realized that you can watch the shows for free on their website.

    It's five days after the show initially airs, but it can still be watched nonetheless!

10. Gail Kim and Madison Rayne vs. ODB and Eric Young: Knockout’s Tag Titles

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    This was an overall entertaining match that was actually good when it was basically a handicap match between the champions and ODB.

    The three Knockouts performed great with one another and gave the fans some nice action. They work well together and it really showed.

    Eric Young’s involvement was very weird. He really had no business in this match. His involvement killed the quality of the match but at the same time upped the entertainment aspect of it.

    While the finish of the match could be considered awkward, I liked it as it extends the Gail Kim/Madison Rayne feud.

    Last week Gail screwed Madison when she “slipped” off of the apron and failed to help her defeat ODB. This week, Madison hit EY with the belt and he fell on Gail which caused the pinfall.

    While Gail obviously screwed Madison, what Madison did was clearly an accident.

    Why would she screw herself out of a title?

    I think this will lead to Gail officially turning on Madison, which will turn the former Queen Bee of the Knockout’s Division into a face.

    I think they will have a great match at Victory Road!

    The engagement between EY and ODB post-match was quite interesting. I’m happy they’re keeping the two of them together as they make a very entertaining pair.

    I just hope they don’t have the ceremony at a PPV like they did with Jay Lethal and SoCal Val.

9. Abyss Returns to Search for Himself

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    No one has seen Abyss since his victory over Bully Ray in Monster’s Ball at Genesis two months ago. Despite the victory, the Monster was put through hell by Bully Ray.

    Abyss may have won the match, but the bully is the one that’s still standing.

    No mention has been made of Abyss being off of television until last week when Mike Tenay mentioned in passing that Abyss’ family was searching for him.

    This past Thursday his brother Joseph Parks showed up and started asking the talent if they’ve seen him.

    The thing is, though, Joe Parks is Abyss without a mask!

    I didn’t catch it at first and only had suspicions. When TNA posted the picture I have for this slide, the suspicions went away and it became obvious that it was the Monster Abyss!

    I am very intrigued about where TNA is going with this.

    Has Abyss finally snapped to the point where he has invented a brother and lives out his life?

    I’ve always been a fan of Abyss but the Monster hasn’t exactly been much of a monster the past few years.

    I don’t have the slightest idea where this could be going, I just hope it leads to an insane Abyss returning to wreak havoc in TNA!

8. Shawn Michaels Announced as Special Referee for Hell in a Cell

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    I thought that the overall segment that led to the announcement was great. Shawn Michaels was very good on the mic and it makes me really miss the Heartbreak Kid every Monday.

    It was also quite entertaining when he screwed with Triple H. While he claimed to not have seen the footage of the Game accepting the match, I think it was obvious that he did.

    The Showstopper was just being the Showstopper and was playing mind games with his best friend.

    Triple H delivered his typical mic work and was good as well. Michaels was without a doubt the star of this segment, though. He outshined Triple H big time.

    While it’s been widely rumored that HBK would be the referee for the Hell in a Cell match; I thought it was great how they revealed it.

    “You think I’m a loser? That’s fine because I’m the referee for your match with the Undertaker!”

    Having him as the referee adds a lot of intrigue to the match as well.

    While HBK may say he’ll call it down the middle, there’s always the chance that he won’t. If he doesn’t though, who does he screw over?

    Does he end the streak and screw the man who defeated him at two consecutive WrestleMania’s, or is it the man that basically called him a loser because he couldn’t get the job done?

    I was already excited for Hell in a Cell but that level of excitement just raised big time!

7. Santino Marella Wins the United States Championship

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    While the overall match was very chaotic thanks to all of the interference and happenings at ringside, seeing Santino win the title was quite the moment.

    What Eric Young is to TNA, Santino is to the WWE. The major difference between the two is that WWE actually lets Santino wrestle a match.

    The company turned him into a glorified comedy act, but unlike other comedy acts in WWE the new United States champion has quite the following.

    Santino sometimes gets a better reaction from the WWE Universe than the top faces of the company.

    While Santino’s act still features some comedy, he’s become more serious since the Elimination Chamber.

    SmackDown’s chamber match was quite boring but I felt that Santino had such a great performance in the match that he saved it. The fans were behind him 100-percent as he came so close to winning the title.

    I think this title win is a reward for his performance.

    Despite the comedy, Santino is a great in-ring performer and it now seems like WWE is going to let him show that off. At least I hope that they are!

6. Mr. Anderson Returns

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    It’s been quite a while since TNA fans saw Mr. Anderson. The audience has been deprived of their favorite A-hole for four months but now he’s back!

    As the ridiculously long feud between A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels continues, the Fallen Angel recruited Kazarian to battle his one-time friend.

    Styles has been fighting a losing battle as when he faces one, he must contend with the other as well.

    This past Thursday Styles had a surprise for his two enemies and that surprise was some backup in the form of Mr. Anderson.

    He returned in grand fashion as he reminded us who he was a couple of times before heading down to the ring to help Styles beat down Daniels and Kazarian.

    It’s great to see him back! When Anderson is in the ring, you know you’re in for some entertainment.

    Hopefully this feud ends quickly, though, as I want to see Anderson back in the hunt for a title, specifically the Television Championship.

    If there is anyone who could bring some credibility to that belt it’s him. He’ll also make way more entertaining television than Robbie E ever could!

5. The Rock’s History Lessons

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    History lesson No. 2

    History lesson No. 3

    These were extremely entertaining.

    The first one was by far my favorite as the Rock threw John Cena’s merchandise into the Boston Harbor.

    When it comes to the comedic aspects of the Rock’s promos, the People’s Champion certainly hasn’t lost step. It’s been a while since I laughed really hard while watching wrestling but the Rock made it happen.

    While the second lesson was quite funny as well, he set the bar way too high with the first one.

    The final lesson was more serious as he talked about America and the revolution.

    You know, just talking about these don’t do them justice. Just watch the videos!

    The first two were hilarious and the third was a good, serious kind of promo.

    The Rock is definitely still one of the best to ever pick up the mic, and even after years away from the business, he’s better than the majority of the current roster!

4. Austin Aries vs. Zema Ion: X-Division Championship

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    I thought this was quite a good match that featured some great, back-and-forth action and saw few high-flying moves. Both X-Division stars performed very well here and it made for an enjoyable match.

    Since debuting last year, Zema Ion has really been impressing me. His overall in-ring work seems solid and he’s got a gimmick that he plays very well.

    While he almost paralyzed Jesse Sorenson by botching that moonsault at Against All Odds, he now seems a little more careful in the ring.

    Everyone makes mistakes and Ion certainly seemed to learn from it.

    He was also able to keep up with Austin Aries and that says something about Ion. If you’re able to perform well next to someone like an Aries, then you got a bright future ahead of you.

    Aries was great, which is always is, and he continues to prove why he’s one of the best in TNA Wrestling right now.

    I usually hate matches ending in a disqualification but I thought the ending of this match was a good idea.

    If Aries would have won, then the match at Victory Road wouldn’t take place. That would mean that Aries wouldn’t be on the card, which is a bad thing!

    If Ion won the title, then the match would still take place but that scenario creates a problem. Odds are Aries would retain thus making Ion’s win mean nothing.

    The DQ ending allows for the match to still happen without either wrestler looking weak heading into the PPV.

3. CM Punk and Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho

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    I felt that this was quite the good match. It was great seeing WrestleMania opponents in the ring together giving the fans a small taste of what was to come at the Grandest Stage of Them All.

    All four wrestlers performed great in this match and these men are without a doubt four of the best in the WWE right now.

    When it comes to WrestleMania the big match of the night is supposed to be the Rock vs. John Cena. I honestly could care less about it, though.

    What I want to see are these two matches as well as Hell in a Cell.

    Daniel Bryan and Sheamus should be a great match that could very well steal the show. Bryan has proven to be a hell of a champion with top notch wrestling ability while Sheamus has improved immensely since his debut and has become one of the best on the roster.

    CM Punk and Chris Jericho will be a great match as the two self-proclaimed “Best in the World” go to war.

    Punk and Jericho will put on a wrestling clinic and I have no doubt in my mind that they’ll be Match of the Night.

2. Bully Ray

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    Bully Ray was all over Impact Wrestling this Thursday and he made for some great television.

    He first appeared in a backstage segment bragging about taking out James Storm with a chair and wanting to be the No. 1 contender.

    The segment was short and sweet but it was the way Bully Ray delivered his words that made me like is so much.

    The bully was in your face about it and passionate about what he wanted.

    Later on in the show he appeared in the ring and continued to brag about what he did to Storm, all the while showing off his calves.

    He called out Sting and declared that he wanted Bobby Roode. Sting gave him the match and Bully Ray’s little celebration was pure gold!

    The bully was great on the mic here; going solo is the best thing that could have happened to his career!

    The big bad bully has become the true definition of a heel over the past year. A great heel should be able to get under the skin of the audience with their words as well as what they do in the ring.

    Bully Ray does exactly that as he angers people with what he says and antagonizes the crowd while he beats down his opponent.

    Bully Ray continued the night with a match against Bobby Roode. While the match ended in a no-contest, it was a pretty good match.

    It featured some nice action and was very physical at times. The star of the match was without a doubt Bully Ray.

    He’s been having some very good matches since becoming the bully and TNA would be crazy not to give him a run with the world title, even if it’s for a short time.

    Bully Ray truly had a hell of a night on Thursday!

1. The Rock and John Cena Confront Each Other Again

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    Part 2

    Much like last week, both men were very solid on the mic here and it made for a great segment.

    The jokes were left to a minimum which I felt was a good idea. WrestleMania is right around the corner; it’s time to get serious and serious is what we’re getting.

    Even the Rock’s history lesson’s got more serious with the first one being full of jokes and the final one being completely serious.

    I’m on the fence when it comes to John Cena smiling and laughing during the Rock’s serious promo.

    One on hand it kind of kills the meaning of what he’s saying but on the other hand it makes Cena look strong to a certain degree.

    It was his laughing, and of course his promo, that once again gave John Cena the upper hand. This is the second week in a row that the face of the WWE has defeated the Rock in their war of words.

    It’s weird, I figured that the Rock would be destroying Cena each and every week but that obviously isn’t the case.

    With just under a month left until WrestleMania, I think we’ll start to see the Rock gain some momentum.

    Then on the final Raw before the event, they’re going to go at it and beat the hell out of each other.