Surprise?: Michael Young Requests Trade

Hayato UwaiCorrespondent IJanuary 12, 2009

The Texas Rangers' all-star shortstop Michael Young requested trade from his team, because GM Jon Daniels plans to move him to play third base.

Last month, the rumor came out that Young may get traded. The team was planning to move Young to third base, so that the Rangers can use prospect Elvis Andrus at shortstop. Young got mad with this and requested trade on his team.

If the Rangers wants to play Andrus, then they have to trade Young or move him to other position any way. But it can be tough since Young's salary is pretty high, $62 million over next five seasons (about $12.4 million per year).

The possible destinations for Young may be Detroit Tigers (SS Adam Everett), Oakland Athletics (Bobby Crosby), Los Angeles Angels (Maicer Izturis/Erick Aybar), Baltimore Orioles (Cesar Izturis), Toronto Blue Jays (Marco Scutaro/John McDonald). Probably the Tigers, Angels, and the Athletics have more chances acquiring Young.

The Tigers and the A's missed Rafael Furcal, so they clearly wants better SS then what they have, and the Angels missed big bat free agent, so they may trigger a trade.

Young apparently didn't like the part that this "wasn't a request." He thought that it was " a fine line that I thought had been crossed."

The Rangers will be a better team if Young plays at third. Their infield will look like this: First base Chris Davis, second base Ian Kinsler, shortstop Elvis Andrus, and third base Young.

But I think that the Rangers will be more better if they can find a good deal out of Young. The Rangers needs pitchers, so they can acquire several pitching prospects.

Young is five-time All-Star as a shortstop, and he won the Gold Glove Award in 2008. He hit 200+ hits for five consecutive years, before the streak snapped this season.

I consider this as good move for Young, if he gets traded to good team. He never won the division as a Ranger, and I think he wants to win. Young will be motivated if he goes to teams like the Angels and will have best season in his career.