Chicago Bears' Front Office Must Play To Win This Offseason

Z WhiteContributor IJanuary 12, 2009

Jerry Angelo mentioned in his end-of-the-season assessment that competition at the QB position was a priority in the offseason. Kyle Orton started well but wasn't enough to prove to fans that he could go an win the game on a regular basis.

Late in the season Orton started to show flashes of throwing interceptions at the wrong time (a la Rex Grossman). A good QB may be attracted to the Bears situation because of guys like Greg Olsen, Devin Hester, and Matt Forte provides a solid young base on offense.

Matt Cassel and Donovan McNabb look like they'll be staying where they are for the moment, so the draft might be the best option.

I think the draft is where the Bears can also make an impact, and a guy like Jeremy Maclin from Missouri would be an ideal fit to play opposite Hester who improved as a receiver toward the end of the season.

The draft would also be a great source to get younger on the offensive line and create some competition. Forte is a special player needs a backup and Adrian Peterson won't cut it. Olsen gives the Bears a reason for excitement enough to maybe release Desmond Clark.

The defense is where I was most confused watching this team all season. Sixteen sacks from the starting defensive line indicates the lack of a pass rush in a Tampa-Two system that relies heavily on the defensive line getting pressure on the quarterback.  

The secondary got carved up all season long and didn't create turnovers. Julius Peppers would help remedy this defense and make things a lot easier on Tommie Harris who fought injuries all season.

Peppers' price tag will be high, but the reward would be higher especially improving on the 10 interceptions by the starting secondary.

I'd think Lovie Smith has to win the division next year and prove that his coaching staff is as good as he leads us to believe. The Bears gave away too many games this year, and next year, if Smith doesn't make it work, then Angelo might feel the result. The Web site FireJerryAngelo is still up, but another season like the last two will have it off the charts like 2005.