TNA Genesis: No Lines Crossed

Andrew BainContributor IJanuary 12, 2009

Another TNA pay-per-view, another less than stellar program.  I was hoping that TNA could start the new year off right with a strong showing at their first PPV that could help them compete against WWE as they head into the Road to WrestleMania. 

However, it seems that TNA has missed yet another opportunity to “cross the line”. 

I would like to say that two matches were very good and made the event worth the while to watch.  The first being the X-Division Title match between the MCMG, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin.  These two proved that they have the ability to carry the company and really compete at that next level, much like AJ Styles. 

This match was filled with great high flying spots, excitement, and a finish that actually fit the gimmick that the two have going right now with Shelley playing possum to pick up the win. 

They can take this storyline anyway they want to right now and it could end up being one of the main draws of 2009.  TNA finally gave a guy thats been around for a long time his due and he deserves it, now lets just see if they have enough faith to let him have a good run.

The second match I enjoyed quite a bit was the Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett grudge match.  It ended up being no DQ and both men took full advantage of that as both ended up busted open by the end of the contest. 

It seems that TNA is making this the big rivalry right now and we will see at least one more one-on-one match before its all said and done.  Angle “stole” the win with a roll-up, and continued to pummel Jarrett afterwards which will no doubt set up a gimmick match of some sort in the near future. 

With these two as the big draw I think that TNA can make a serious run at making 2009 a breakout year for them.

That being said, the rest of the PPV was more of the same old TNA stuff. 

One thing that made no sense to me at all was that Beer Money Inc. won back the titles just three days after losing them on Impact.  I don't understand the point of having them drop them to Lethal Justice just to win them right back in a couple of days. 

Also, it totally takes away from the whole “Feast or Fired” concept.  If you have enough faith in someone to hand them a title shot, then have enough faith to give their title run more than three days. 

The other lower and mid-card matches were not very entertaining at all.  The World Title match was very disappointing to me because they had a chance to really take something away from the Main Event Mafia and add a little intrigue to the whole MEM and Frontline angle, but didn't pull the trigger. 

Instead, they say that Rhino was beat up in the parking lot earlier in the day by the Main Event Mafia, making the loss seem like it was because of that and not because Rhino is not able to beat Sting.

The actual main event was set up to be decent and just was inexplicably flat.  Mick Foley showed that he has aged quite a bit, and that he shouldn't be depended upon to perform in the ring anymore. 

Cute Kip filled in for Kevin Nash and was basically used as a dummy for the Frontline to mount their offense on.  Steiner was...Steiner.  AJ was the only highlight and really stood out from the rest.  Mick actually picked up the win with a DDT on a chair to Steiner, which ended the match seemingly too soon. 

And when it was all over, Mike Tenay said that MEM had won the battle, but the Frontline had won the war.  Now I'm not sure that it was intended to come across like that match had ended the whole storyline, but it made no sense in the context of the storyline or the show at all. 

So in my opinion TNA still has not “crossed the line” and taken that next step which makes everyone feel like they have to tune in every week.  We will see how everything plays out in the coming months but it seems like 2009 is shaping up to be a lot of the same in TNA.