A's Could Land Replacement Shortstop For Bobby Crosby

Steven ResnickSenior Writer IJanuary 12, 2009

According to a recent report found here titled Rangers Look to trade All-Star Short Stop Young, Michael Young is not happy with the Rangers decision to move him to third base and has requested to be traded. Although, there's some hope that Ron Washington, the coach of the Texas Rangers, could change his mind. 

General Manager Jon Daniels had this to say about why Young is reluctant to move to third base: "He explained to us that he's worked extremely hard to make himself a shortstop. Obviously in 2004, he volunteered to move from second base to shortstop. That kind of shows the team-first character that has been a staple of his personality and is why he has made himself into an outstanding player."

With that being said it would be the perfect opportunity for the Oakland A's to acquire a better shortstop than Bobby Crosby and make up for the A's not being able to sign Rafael Furcal a thing of the past. 

Young would definitely improve the A's lineup with his bat and he's an all-star caliber player, and he doesn't miss very many games either. He would be a perfect fit in the A's lineup that has already acquired Matt Holliday and signed Jason Giambi. 

The A's could trade Bobby Crosby who could be moved to third base if the Rangers wanted him too and it would also reunite Crosby with his former infield coach Ron Washington. The A's of course would have to trade a prospect possibly a starter considering the Rangers are still in desperate need of pitching. 

The only team I could think of that would be able to trade for Michael Young is the Seattle Mariners who have some talent in their farm system, but could look to trade Adrian Beltre as Michael Young would be an improvement of Yuniesky Betancourt. 

With the A's being closer to contention in the 2009 season with the improved offense and, of course, their strong pitching they should jump at the chance to bring in a player of Young's caliber.