Kizzarny? Kizzarny Whizzo?

Blue ChipCorrespondent IJanuary 12, 2009

Hizzee Wizzent Izzout Lizzike Thizzat!

In the teasers, the double dutch was a little much, but was somewhat tolerable. Kizzarny had that guy next to him all of the time, and they would do carny tricks.

The teasers stopped and weren't seen again for about a month. When we saw these promos, again, we saw nothing new, unfortunately.

The next week, it was time for Kizzarny (or Sinn Bowdee in FTW) to make his debut. Sadly, this was not much of a debut for him. Between the predictable carnival music entrance and what looked like a mixture of "Voodoo Queen" and "Boogie Man" movements it was already off to a bad start. 

Once Kizzarny was in the ring, he was not an amazing wrestler. He was mostly weird for the sake of being weird (and not in the boogie man way).

His finisher was not all that wonderful, and the commentators were left with nothing to say except for..."that's strange." This reminded me of that list compiled of the top 25 worst wrestling gimmicks put out, released by the WWE.

All of the negative being said, let's start with a bit of constructive criticism. How much cooler would it have been to see the man from the promos as a valet?

In the promotional ads, that guy was doing some pretty cool stuff. If he would have come down the ramp, hanging a bowling ball on his lip, or something dangling from the eyelids, that could have really helped.

Every week, the manager could have done different carnival acts and drawn our attention. This would have helped the spectacle. Nothing though, could have been cooler than to see Kizzarny doing this on the way, or in victory.

Another thing that could have really helped, is if he would have only brought out the "double dutch" for effect, rather than speech. The more one heard it, the worse it sounded.

Kizzarny would definitely have helped himself by playing to the crowd more. He could have also spoken in a way to relate, on the mic. I think that when speaking that way, whether you realize it or not, you are distancing yourself from the audience.

The end result...Kizzarny's picture is gone from the website. He will never be spoken of again, and he most likely won't be remembered in even a year.

It is tough to be a wrestler. The man did not look young, and has most likely been working at this for a while, only to be trashed the first night, without finding a footing.

One opportunity, I must admit was a bit unfair, would be that he wouldn't be able to do any of this in any house shows.

I'm tired, I'm goin' to bed.