The Daytona 500 Got Some of Those $55 Tickets ! Grab Them Kids Martha !

al asifyouknowSenior Analyst IJanuary 12, 2009

Hold on there Harrold! That is a good price, but we still got to get there. That's about $300 in gas and the kids got to eat you know.

This car is just too small for us to sleep in, we have to rent a cheap hotel for a couple nights, that's about $300 a night.

Harold I wonder how much parking is?

Honey, I heard you can park across the street for about 60 bucks, now remember we are saving about $45 a ticket!

Harold do you remember last summer when we took the kids to the county fair?

Yes my dear Martha, I do.

Then you remember that after a few hours, we had no money, the kids spend every penny on food and stuff. Remember that?

Martha at least write down a budget, just to see how much it would cost.


       Gas from my home to Daytona: $335 

       Hotel for two nights for five: $600

       Parking: $60 

       Tickets for five at 55 dollars p/t: $275 

       Food, T-shirts, and hats for three kids: $325 

       Two adults (rice cakes and water): $25 

        GRAND TOTAL: $1620 

Alright then! How about we cook some of my famous bbq ribs and watch the race right here at home, you can even invite your mother.

Thanks honey, I don't care what anybody says, I married a smart man.