TNA Genesis 2009: A Recap of Devastating Proportions!

Brett HarmonContributor IJanuary 11, 2009

Before you read this, look at this pic. You think Jeff Hardy has rid himself of his demons? haha. Ok, to the business at hand.

PPV opens with a six man tag. Sonjay Dutt, Kiyoshi, Jimmy Rave VS LAX and Eric Young. It's weird to say but Eric Young might have been the best wrestler in this match. Last time I checked Dutt was a solid worker, but it was between Kiyoshi and him as to who was the worst. Everything Dutt did was botched or sloppy.

TNA is really trying to push Hernandez, which makes sense since he's in line for the belt. From the new stash and working with no shirt, to being re-dawned "supermax and "The Big-Semi." I guarantee that within six months Hernandez will be the heavyweight champion. It works though, and I don't know why TNA doesn't have big men like him and Matt Morgan in their main-event scene.

Without a shadow of doubt, match of the night is Shelly VS Sabin. Forget match of the night it was one of the best I've seen in the recent past. Good match progression, from limit-pushing chain wrestling to crazy spots (like Shelly's front-flip leg-drop). One thing, Shelly did a Crippler Crossface and it was called as so; which is a nice change from the WWE calling it "A Good Offensive Maneuver." I just can't say it enough, great. And Shelly got his first singles belt win.

I'm not so crazy with all of the "Night of the Big Show" problems. Nash is in the hospital, Christy Hemme is hurt, they don't know where Rhino is. I think they should just let the PPV happen, have all the crazy set-ups happen on iMPACT.

Bashir VS Sewell was boring. It was a bad match with a lame ending. And I beleive so much more could have been done with that storyline. 

One thing I don't undertstand is that Booker T is from NYC, resided in ATL, and has lived in Texas for some time now; why the African accent?

Tag match was good. Creed and Lethal look good as a team. They are both young and energetic and are good wrestlers who work REALLY well together. And I'm disappointed that they lost the belts. I'm getting kind of tired with Beer Money holding the belts forever. The spot with Beer Money and Jaquline was funny though.

When JB was following Angle around, if you listened, Angle said "If you have any questions with the MEM come ask me." I think there's going to eventually be a power struggle within the MEM, possibly being the breaking up factor or what sends Angle back to the WWE (if we're lucky).

I kind of like "Entourage." Likely to feud with Kong, probably saying they're tired of living in her shadow or something to that degree. The Knockout six-man was ALOT better than the first.

Angle and Jarret has been a pretty decent feud. Kind of sucks that two of the best wrestlers on the roster are in a hardcore match. Good solid match. The spot where they went through the table was painful to watch, mainly for Jarret. He went was past the table, which had padding under it, and hit on bare concrete. Near the end of the match Jarret did a Pedigree and Mike Tenay called a DDT.

Sting VS Rhino, weak.

Kute Kid joined the MEM. He cut a promo in the ring about him joining and the entire time he was shaking really bad, and everything that he said he had accomplished to join the MEM had been done in a some what brief span in the WWE. The match was alright, at one point the ref counted everyone out and Cornette came out and said it would go longer, Foley said "Corentte couldn't do that, but he could, and under hardcore rules."

Kip was on a table on the outside and Styles did a really nice BIG springboard frog splash. Of course Foley got the pin.

All in all a solid PPV from TNA, most are; but don't get involved in their storylines, you'll be left in shambles.